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Tales of the Rays for Android

Tales of the Rays

Jul 18, 2017

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Themes: RPGJRPG Free
Content Rating: Everyone10+


A console quality Tales Game in your hands! The classic Tales RPG series comes to phones and tablets in an all new epic JRPG. Experience epic 3-D action with an all-new Linear Motion Battle system, using simple controls optimized for mobile devices. Unleash deadly Mirrage Artes for powerful attacks with simple taps and swipes. In Tales of the Rays, Ix and Mileena are descended from a bloodline of Mirrists. Join them on an epic quest to revive their world, as they meet and learn from past Tales heroes. Explore dungeons full of treasures and deadly monsters across sprawling world maps. Meet characters from your favorite Tales games throughout the world and in limited time events, and enjoy fully animated cut-scenes with the classic soundtrack and music!

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Nov 22, 2019

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Harry SlaterAug 02, 2017
It’s got all the trappings, but scrape them away and you’re doing the same thing you’ve done in countless other mobile RPGs. There’s more meat on these bones, for sure, but Tales of the Rays isn’t the fulfilling meal you might have hoped it was going to be.
Daniel Adrian SanchezAug 17, 2017
Designed for hardcore console Tales fans, you’ll find an excellent anime visual art style, smooth-running graphics, an excellent soundtrack, and a guided tutorial for rookies. There’s also plenty to do and explore in this game.
Glen FoxJul 28, 2017
Tales of the Rays is an enjoyable mini JRPG that's unfortunately bogged down with typical freemium trappings. This one's for the diehards only.

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