Summoners War

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Allan CurtisJan 01, 2015
Summoner’s War looks very nice. The graphics are vibrant and the well detailed animation is smooth and looks good. Attacks are flashy and animate well. In a sea of poorly animated RPGS on mobile the highly polished graphics of Summoner’s War are a welcome sight. Also, for once, there are female monsters and warriors that aren’t scantily clad and actually look badass. What a concept! Summoner’s War is a well-made and polished RPG with a lot of gameplay on offer and a lot of good design decisions. Freemium shenanigans aside, it is worth playing.
Alec SandarMar 02, 2018
The bottom line is if you are looking for something new to play, I recommend you try this game for yourself and enjoy it. Blue Moon Game recommends it!
Molly CarterMar 24, 2015
Summoners War offers gladiator-like battles in a beautifully designed fantasy world. Live chat, interesting challenges and stellar graphics make this game a keeper. Despite minor annoyances and glitches, Summoners War is a worthy contender among strategy games, especially if you like fantasy games.
Matthew DienerJul 26, 2012
A complex, but accessible, card-based strategy game that combines elements of Magic: The Gathering with Risk and Stratego.
PommePhoneMar 01, 2016
Une certaine lassitude peut apparaître lorsque l’on doit recommencer encore et encore un même niveau afin de récupérer des objets qui serviront à améliorer les monstres. Malgré tout, le bilan est très positif et on oublie rapidement ces petits défauts pour se laisser séduire par l'envie d'obtenir un maximum de monstres, de les faire évoluer et de remporter de nombreuses victoires, que ce soit en solo ou en multijoueur.


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