Shadow Blade Zero

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Peter WarriorSep 09, 2014
This non senseless and highly interesting gameplay makes that other areas which aren't as good can be seen kindlier. Graphics are adequate but not groundbreaking in any sense, animations are short of frames and overall, technical performance is average. But gameplay is good and suited for anyone, so we would recommend you to go for it. Ninja-style, of course.
Tony KuzminMar 10, 2014
I liked Shadow Blade, although I had somewhat higher expectations. Certain elements work better than others, but overall, Shadow Blade is a smooth, exciting action with lots of challenging levels and great graphics. Besides, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a great action with ninjas.
David OxfordFeb 25, 2014
Shadow Blade is a game of positives and negatives, and fortunately, the former far outweigh the latter. Even in the cases where it feels like a negative can be a problem, the game’s tight design usually allows you a way to figure out how to get around a problem, perhaps even turning a negative into a positive, as each failure becomes a lesson learned. With that said, you should definitely give this one a try.
Mike RoseJan 16, 2014
It’s great that the game is so heavily focused on making a fun experience, but if you’re going to bother giving me even a shred of a story, you should back it up with a tale I’ll want to follow. Shadow Blade could be the start of a great franchise on mobile, thanks to great controls and exciting action. Let’s hope we see the student become the master again soon.
Harry SlaterJan 16, 2014
The only real problem with Shadow Blade is that it's a little on the short side. While the levels all offer a good chunk of replayability, a few more certainly wouldn't go amiss. A vibrant, fast-paced, special platformer that works perfectly on touchscreen, Shadow Blade is well worth as much of your time as you have to spare.
Benediktus BayuFeb 27, 2014
Akhir kata, Shadow Blade adalah sebuah game action platformer bertema ninja yang sangat mengagumkan. Kualitas gameplay dan grafis yang ada di sini akan memberikan pengalaman berbeda bagi kamu yang gemar dengan game bertema Ninja. Tentu saja, saya akan merekomendasikan game ini bagi kamu yang menyukai tantangan. Must Have!