Pikmin Bloom

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Gavin LaneNov 02, 2021
Time will tell whether it has anything like the staying power and pull of Pokémon GO, but where that game can feel like an insurmountable climb if you've put it down for any length of time, with no hope of catching 'em all, Pikmin Bloom is more of an old friend you haven't seen in years but you just pick up where you left off. Fire it up with appropriate expectations, and you'll likely have a blooming good time with it.
CJ AndriessenNov 06, 2021
An Exercise in apathy, neither solid nor liquid. Not exactly bad, but not very good either. Just a bit 'meh,' really.
Nic BunceNov 22, 2021
Pikmin Bloom is a fine AR experience, but sadly it’s just not a good game. With the volume (and intensity) of bugs, the lack of things to actually do and a poor economy, Bloom's player base feels likely to wither without significant change. However, the game does already have a core group of players who absolutely love it, so watch this space. With enough bug fixes and quality of life improvement, Pikmin Bloom may well blossom into something worth playing.
Giorgio MelaniNov 10, 2021
Anche solo sapere che i nostri Pikmin restano attivi in background accompagnandoci a ogni passo, senza dover guardare continuamente lo schermo, è piacevole e dona un senso di compiutezza alle semplici passeggiate quotidiane, con il solo inconveniente di un consumo veramente eccessivo della batteria.