Part Time UFO

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Greyson DitzlerMar 27, 2018
I can easily recommend this game to anybody looking for something fun and simple to play in small sessions, as well as people looking for new ideas and a moderate challenge, all at a bargain price. I was smiling nearly the whole way through. I'm hoping that we may see more from this game in the future, and I can't wait to see what HAL Egg does with mobile games in the future. 
Karlie Yeung Mar 01, 2018
It’s refreshing to find an entirely self-contained mobile game that doesn’t have in-app purchases and doesn’t require a constant internet connection. Sadly you can reach the end in one play session and it doesn’t take much longer for 100% completion, but it’s worth the price of entry for the joy of that Nintendo polish in mobile form.
CJ AndriessenMar 04, 2018
Part Time UFO is a HAL Laboratory classic through and through. It’s cute, charming, and challenging. It may not set the mobile world on fire, but honestly, it’s the exact type of game I’d love to see more of from the old-school titans of the industry.
Mike HolmesMar 09, 2018
However, when it comes to complaints, that's really all we've got. We wanted more, and we wanted to see the idea used in more ways, because the near-thirty levels we played through were great fun, whether we were flinging sumo wrestlers around, stacking turnips, or catching fish. Part Time UFO is such a charming little game that it's easy to overlook the frustrating moments, and if there's ever an expansion or sequel, we'll definitely be grabbing it with both hands.
Ryan LambieMar 01, 2018
With so many free-to-play diversions cluttering up mobile app stores, you might question whether such a game is worth the purchase. Then again, the one-off charge is another pleasant surprise: it isn't difficult to imagine a version of Part Time UFO where all those handy outfits were sold for real-world money; instead, HAL Egg have avoided any hint of cynical price-gouging, which makes for a refreshingly complete experience.
Γιώργος ΓιολδάσηςNov 24, 2020
Το Part Time UFO είναι ένα παιχνίδι puzzle που βασίζεται στους νόμους της φυσικής και αξίζει την κάθε σας προσοχή. Ακόμη και αν είχατε ασχοληθεί προηγουμένως με την έκδοση των smartphones, αξίζει να γίνετε ξανά ο Jobski. Το Nintendo Switch είναι ένα σύστημα που προσφέρει αρκετά παιχνίδια ή εφαρμογές για να μπορέσει να περάσει κάποιος ευχάριστα την ώρα του.