Mines of Mars Scifi Mining RPG for Android

Mines of Mars Scifi Mining RPG

Mar 14, 2014

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Content Rating: Teen


Mines of Mars is a procedural atmospheric mining game that is inspired by games like Metroid and Motherload. It is also a story based adventure game with dark secrets, great weapons, tons of different items, and a gorgeous world to explore.The world of MoM is procedurally created, so that every time you play it, it will be a little different. There are tons of different enemies, dark corridors, and a large variety of fauna and ambient creatures.

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Tony KuzminMar 18, 2014
I can’t say anything about the total length of the game, but it goes for a lot more than a couple of evenings. In general, while it has its flaws, especially in the control department, and 5 bucks being a relatively high price for a mobile game, I liked it. If digging into an unfriendly planet is your flavor, then Mines of Mars is the game for you. Dig yourself, Lazarus!
Andy ChalkMar 20, 2014
It demands patience, and I’m not a huge fan of the”mine it/craft it” style of game to begin with, but Mines of Mars has me, if not hooked, then at least giving serious thought to lunging for the worm. The rough edges are irksome but not insurmountable, and in a way they’re also a testament to the overall quality of the game: I wouldn’t be so bothered by it if Mines of Mars as a whole wasn’t so good, and so close to being great.
Harry SlaterMar 12, 2014
The mines of Mars are an intriguing place to visit, full of pits that writhe with energy, giant plants that can eat you in a single bite, and mysterious statues that somehow hum with ancient knowledge. Mines of Mars doesn't give you a lot to play with, but it gives you a really intriguing sandbox for you to do it in.

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