Merchants of Kaidan for Android

Merchants of Kaidan

Feb 18, 2015
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Merchants of Kaidan is a challenging trading game fused with lots of RPG elements. You start very humble, one cart, a purse of gold and silver coins is all that you have. Your task is to roam the world and search of opportunities to score some profit. Buy low, sell high - a merchant's motto is easy to grasp. And yet the job is harder than it seems.

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Sharang BiswasMar 08, 2015
Merchants of Kaidan gets some points for nice artwork, a decent musical score and with a couple of interesting gameplay features. Unfortunately, the core of the game feels unbalanced and underdeveloped.
Spanner SpencerFeb 20, 2015
If you’re looking for a game to really get involved in, then Merchants of Kaidan is for you. While I’ve enjoyed the time spent analysing the game, I wonder if I’m really willing to give it the attention it deserves, and needs.
Matt ThrowerFeb 24, 2015
It's unfortunate. Merchants of Kaidan has all the constituent parts to be a successful game. The idea of a trading game with role-playing elements is solid. There's a variety of options to explore to make money. Its setting is full of detail and vibrancy. Yet the title throws these tasty ingredients together in slapdash fashion, with little care for how they work together in the end product. The result is more of a mess than a meal.

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