Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Allan CurtisJan 09, 2014
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Android is a fantastic port of one of the greatest games ever released. For $7 it’s an incredible game and a must buy. Even for players who played the original endlessly, the much improved graphics and portability make this one worth having.
Joe CasabonaJan 10, 2014
All-in-all GTA: San Andreas is a lot of fun, looks great, is easy to play, and is true to the GTA name. I would recommend it, even if like me, you’re not a huge fan of the series.
Travis FahsJan 05, 2014
A huge world and a great sense of atmosphere are impeded only slightly by less than perfect touch controls.
Emmanuel LundFeb 05, 2015
It's been optimized regarding graphics, controls and performance so it meets the requirements of mobile platforms but, in essence, it keeps its addictive gameplay and engaging storyline of one of the most successful titles of Rockstar Games. If you enjoyed it on videogames consoles or PC, you are going to have a blast playing it on your metro/bus journeys, especially if you play it on a tablet. If this is your first time, it's totally worth going for the mobile version first.
Sergio MartinnJan 08, 2014
Rockstar ha creído oportuno trasladar la experiencia de juego de un clásico de PS2 como es GTA: San Andreas a las pantallas de los dispositivos móviles actuales. Y lo ha hecho con una versión que respeta al máximo el título original en todas las facetas, si bien técnicamente ha sido algo mejorado y su sistema de control reajustado, ofreciendo buenas alternativas táctiles a los usuarios de estos dispositivos. Una aventura de acción extraordinaria.
Billion GoenawanJan 06, 2014
Sebelas dua belas dalam urusan grafis, kualitas grafis yang disuguhkan bisa dikatakan masuk dalam kategori memuaskan. Walaupun tidak terlalu keren, namun usaha overhaul grafis yang dilakukan Rockstar patut mendapat apresiasi tersendiri.