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Epic Seven

Nov 7, 2018
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Developer: Smilegate
Content Rating: Teen


With personality and charm you can only find in 2D, meet the characters of Epic Seven that are so lovable you'll even be thinking about them in your sleep! Be captivated until the very end by Epic Seven's engaging and immersive storyline and original animated scenes that will keep your eyes glued to the screen. With a sense of adventure that's been lost in most recent mobile games, dive into a journey through an unknown world! No more endless mind-numbing RPG battles! Play through Epic Seven with practically no loading times in the highest quality, and with an interface that keeps things simple and allows you pick up or put down the game at any time. An engrossing and strategic world filled with endless possibilities. Spectacular eye candy that will keep your brain stimulated. All wrapped in one package to bring you the best experience a mobile game can offer.

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Dec 18, 2019

Best anime RPG, Very beautiful, history wonderful, heroes with personality and a lot of strategy involving it all.

Sep 6, 2019

Amazing gacha. Awesome graphics, really good optimization and it feels really rewarding. Summoning system seems kinda bad at the start but when you keep on playing you actually get units (plus some low rarity are meta in some modes). Also easy to understand, very f2p and easy to reroll.

Weights around 2.5 gb.



Sep 10, 2019

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CristinaNov 13, 2018
Epic narrative and amazing graphics that keep you playing the game for hours!
Alec SandarFeb 02, 2019
Epic Seven is easy to pick up but offers endless content and quite a rewarding experience, so it comes highly recommended!
Ed OrrMar 21, 2019
Epic Seven is an absolute feast for fans of anime, even if it is no Food Fantasy. If you are looking for a solid eastern import that you can quickly get to grips with then you have nothing to lose by trying this free to play adventure from both Android and iOS app stores.

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