Dragalia Lost

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Mitch VogelNov 05, 2018
If you’ve never been much of a fan of gacha-style mobile games, Dragalia Lost is hardly going to change your mind. With that being said, this is a remarkably well-executed ARPG for mobile devices; surprisingly in-depth lore, easy to pick up gameplay and oodles of customization options make this a game that’s easy to sink hours into, and the generous distribution of free virtual currency helps to keep the microtransactions to a minimum.
CJ AndriessenOct 12, 2018
The wonderful art, music, and lore deserve to be in something more original than Dragalia Lost. There are a hundred different versions of this game already available on app stores and it doesn’t do very much to hoist itself above the competition. This title may represent Nintendo’s riskiest attempt at breaking big into mobile gaming, going with an original IP instead of known property, but it also represents its least creative.
Dan N. ScarboroughOct 04, 2018
Grinding is one of the least favorite gaming mechanics in JRPGs, but it’s one of the integral parts of those games, and the enjoying one of the best roleplaying games this year is worthy of plowing through the endless hordes of monsters. Dragalia Lost is the great example of what happens when two major companies join forces for one game.
Jessica FamularoOct 01, 2018
For fans of gacha games, Dragalia Lost is one of the best of the bunch. However, Dragalia Lost is still, at its core, more of the same.
Rudy Jean-FrançoisMay 08, 2019
Dragalia Lost n'est pas le renouveau du jeu vidéo sur mobile made by Nintendo. C'est une nouvelle franchise sympathique qui nous propose un univers et des mécaniques de gameplay ayant déjà fait leur preuves par le passé. En revanche, la qualité et la générosité de l'expérience proposée par Dragalia Lost est plus que rafraîchissante dans un monde où les jeux mobiles se multiplient et se ressemblent sans cesse.