Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins

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Ed OrrMar 22, 2021
A nice follow up to a much loved Doctor Who episode and a fun found phone game all rolled into one. For Doctor Who fans, there's more than one reason to keep your eyes on this new adventure.
Campbell BirdMar 23, 2021
Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is not the strongest title by Kaigan Games, but it's certainly better than their most recent efforts. A guided experience led mostly by a pre-established fictional universe takes a lot of the mystery out of searching through this lost phone, but it manages to do enough character work to keep you invested in seeing it through.
Ross KenistonMar 24, 2021
A must for any Doctor Who fan, The Lonely Assassins is a captivating and exciting found phone adventure that will delight the hardcore. Far and away the best Doctor Who game ever made.
Stephen Gregson-WoodMar 25, 2021
Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is yet another fantastic found phone game from Kaigan. The puzzles may not be particularly inventive or challenging but the story is well-written and all the nods to the show are a delight to discover. It's a harder sell to anyone who's never seen Doctor Who but if you give a Blink a watch before playing I'm sure you'll like it too.
Sean MartinMar 25, 2021
While Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins isn’t all that mysterious for a found phone game, it does act as an enjoyable, well-produced epilogue to one of Who’s greatest episodes