Cube Escape: The Cave for Android

Cube Escape: The Cave

Mar 23, 2017
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Developer: Rusty Lake
Content Rating: Teen


An old man is about to enter a mysterious Cave. A familiar guest needs your help before you descend deeper and deeper into Rusty Lake. Tap on the arrows to navigate inside the cube. Interact with objects by tapping. Select found items in your inventory and tap somewhere on screen to use them. Cube Escape: The Cave is the ninth episode of the Cube Escape series and is a continuation of the Rusty Lake story. We will unfold Rusty Lake mysteries one step at a time.

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Daniel Adrian SanchezApr 07, 2017
Cube Escape: The Cave features a unique, hand-drawn visual art style, making the game pleasant to look at. Plus, you’ll find this game easy to get into, yet challenging enough for series veterans and experienced point-and-click gamers. Despite having a hint system, some newer mobile gamers may feel turned off by the challenge as well as feel completely lost, thanks to some overly complex puzzles without enough explanation.
Jillian WernerMar 24, 2017
Of course, even a weaker section in a Cube Escape game is still an experience worth having. While we were disappointed with the second half of The Cave, we still enjoyed the game overall, and its additions to the plot and mystery of the universe should not be missed. We may never have more answers than questions about Rusty Lake, but The Cave attempts to even the scales a bit and rewards longtime fans with details both surprising and satisfying.
がすけつApr 24, 2017
すべての謎の周囲にはそれとなく解読のカギが示されているほか、広告動画を視聴することで、いま詰まっているシーンのヒントを見ることも可能。 特に、パズルを見つけたけど解き方がわからない! っていうときは、ヒントでルールを教えてもらおう。 途中、ホラーっぽい描写や、ややグロめな演出もあるので苦手な人は気をつけて!

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