Card City Nights

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Peter WarriorJul 03, 2014
The best part are, as it couldn't be otherwise, the battles. The mix of card-building and puzzle, Tictactoe-like battles are innovative and enjoyable. Challenging, but enjoyable, as the first duels you take part in will feel like the AI is throwing the game.
Steven StromMar 04, 2014
Card City Nights isn’t concerned with being unique; it knows it is. The way it plays shows some resemblance to other personalities, but the game wears it with reverence and confidence (even while it tries its best at irreverence). Its most original features are plastic and surface-level, but they hide a deeper personality that isn’t quite like what we’ve seen before.
Allan CurtisMar 17, 2014
Card City Nights is an inventive, laugh a minute game full of great art, funny characters and compelling strategic action. For the price it is a must buy for any card game or strategy fan.
Matt ThrowerFeb 25, 2014
Card City Nights has plenty of tiny flaws that might needle the perfectionists out there. Some of the card effects and the story elements are kind of superfluous to the bits that work. But taken as a whole it's a charming, addictive, and often challenging game that'll keep you coming back for fix after fix, all the way to your million dollar prize.