Brave Nine - Tactical RPG

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Terris HarnedMar 28, 2019
I give Brown Dust a solid 4.5 out of 5 Gachapons. It’s got a solid story, great graphics, engaging gameplay (that lets you bypass the grind), and one of the best combat systems I’ve seen in an RPG, mobile or otherwise, for quite some time. If the fanservice doesn’t bother you overmuch, and you can overlook a couple oddly glaring typos, then there’s a solid chance that you’d really enjoy this title.
Ed OrrApr 30, 2019
Brown Dust caught me by surprise. What seems like a simple game at first belies a great deal more complexity than you’d imagine. Its cute persona hides the sensibility of an old school turn-based title and I never felt like the cash shop is absolutely necessary. Brown Dust is a great change of pace for anybody on the move who wants to work their brain more than their tapping finger.
Dan N. ScarboroughMar 14, 2019
Overall this is a game you should play if you fancy a good gacha game, but be aware of your wallet, because gambling is heavily set to drain your finances. For a first month or so this game will provide you supreme fun, but after that, you better be prepared for stale water.
納谷英嗣Sep 04, 2019
準備と戦略の読みが必要なバトルが斬新でおもしろい。キャラクターデザインも良く、Live2Dによる動きも良い。 ステータスやレアリティだけでキャラの強さは図れない。戦闘でも何度も使ってみよう。