Angry Birds Go! for Android

Angry Birds Go!

Dec 11, 2013
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About this game

Developer: Rovio
Content Rating: Everyone


Feel the rush as you fling those freewheeling birds and piggies down the track at breakneck speed – with plenty of twists and turns in a thrilling race to the finish line! But beware! Look out for hazardous roads, mischievous opponents riding your tail and special powers to put the race leader behind the pack. Plus, go from soapbox car to supercar by upgrading your ride! Ready…Set…Angry Birds Go!

Critic Reviews

11 Reviews
Christopher AllisonDec 13, 2013
Angry Birds Go! is not a terrible game by any means. It looks great, handles really well, and (during those brief moments where you can actually play) is kind of fun. However, with their flawed monetization scheme, lack of online play, and dumbed down kart racing gameplay, I found myself more disappointed than anything.
Paul WilksDec 30, 2013
The game is free so check it out for yourself but I was left disappointed overall, not through the game’s quality but the fact the developer could have made this so much better.
Peter WarriorDec 11, 2013
Highly recommended. It can be Rovio's, it can be Angry Birds, but above all these things, it's fun.

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