Yoshi's New Island for Nintendo 3DS

Yoshi's New Island

Mar 14, 2014
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Developer: Arzest
Content Rating: Everyone


Yoshi is back and he’s bustin’ out the big eggs. Crush your surroundings and create paths with his new Mega Eggdozers in a brand-new platforming adventure! It’ll take more than egg tosses and flutter jumps to lead fledgling Mario through a dangerous new island littered with inventive power-ups. Can you save poor Luigi?

Critic Reviews

42 Reviews
Dave LetcavageMar 13, 2014
By watering down the game design and failing to incorporate new ideas that enhance the established mechanics in any meaningful way, you're left with an egg that's not necessarily bad, just dull and unimpressive. It’s completely functional and could serve as filler while waiting for the next big 3DS or Wii U release, but there’s little denying that it’s an underwhelming outing for Yoshi.
Jim SterlingMar 13, 2014
Yoshi's New Island is by no means a bad game. It's pleasant enough, for the most part, and children are likely to find it very enjoyable indeed. Those who wanted something closer to the spirit of the original titles are going to be disappointed by most of what this one offers up, however, as those trickier elements are offered up late in the game, with a lot of tepid platforming barring the way.
Daniel BloodworthMar 13, 2014
...a solid platformer, revisiting the original's distinctive gameplay with a wide range of fresh ideas

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