YO-KAI WATCH 2: Bony Spirits for Nintendo 3DS

YO-KAI WATCH 2: Bony Spirits

Sep 30, 2016

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Developer: Level-5
Content Rating: Everyone


Watch out! The strangely charming troublemakers, Yo-kai, are back for an all-new adventure! Find, befriend, and battle more than 350 new and returning Yo-kai. Hop on a train to seek out new towns and new Yo-kai. Teaming up with the heroic cat, Hovernyan, travel back in time to save Springdale, and witness the origin of the Yo-kai Watch!

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Janine HawkinsOct 05, 2016
If Yo-kai Watch 2: Fleshy Spirits/Bony Souls aspired to do nothing more than keep the player busy, it wouldn’t be anything special. It would be one more video game world, one more endless stream of shallow quests and grindy battles and collectible checkboxes, one more way to kill a weekend or keep the kids quiet. But there is more here.
Alexa Ray CorrieaOct 05, 2016
Yo-kai Watch 2 does preserve the quirky tone and charming writing that made the first game so engaging, but its lack of iteration is problematic in that there aren't enough fresh ideas to color its monotonous gameplay. The game feels old hat, taking you through well-trod ground--albeit with a fresh coat of paint and a few new faces.
Bob MackeySep 28, 2016
Yo-kai Watch has a great degree of potential, so it's tragic to see Level-5 squander it over fears of upsetting their massive cash cow. (In Japan, anyway.) This sequel carries the same sense of spooky whimsy as the first game, but unfortunately doesn't lose the underlying tedium. If you're looking for an alternative to Pokemon, you might want to see if the next game fixes Yo-kai Watch's woes—if it gets localized, that is.

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