Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for Nintendo 3DS

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

Apr 10, 2015

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Content Rating: Teen


Explore vast landscapes and beat down foes in battles that blend real time action with RPG strategy. Exclusive features make the Xenoblade Chronicles™ 3D game the ultimate way to learn the truth behind the mythical sword, the Monado.

Critic Reviews

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Kat BaileyApr 10, 2015
Xenoblade Chronicles is an above-average RPG hamstrung by a really bad port. From the muddy visuals to the barebones interface, it's hardly a visual showcase for the New 3DS. It has merit, and its best qualities still manage to shine through on the small screen, but it's definitely not the optimal way to enjoy one of the more celebrated RPGs of the last generation.
Alex SeedhouseMar 25, 2015
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D delivers a welcome chance to experience a game, whether for the first time or as a repeated journey, that undeniably helped to redefine the Japanese RPG genre. Whether to explore the world, experience its gripping storyline, revel in battle or all of the above, it’s a reminder of a game that will forever stand the test of time.
Kimberley WallaceMar 25, 2015
One of my favorite parts of Xenoblade is how it uses a plot device to enhance its gameplay. ...Xenoblade Chronicles remains a must-play RPG. While this version doesn't do anything special to entice old fans to return, it still holds the same fun it did the first time around. Don't let it pass you by again if it did previously; this world captivates and takes hold of you like a great game should.

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