The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

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Jenni LadaOct 26, 2015
Most importantly, you want a real reason to keep returning to the game and not just a prospect of a pretty new look for the Link-alike. As is, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes feels like something you play, beat, then only return to if you're certain two people you know genuinely need aid to acquire necessary materials.
Matt ClaphamOct 21, 2015
A playful co-op experience that shines with mates, but isn’t as precise or polished as a mainline Zelda.
Bob MackeyOct 26, 2015
Nintendo had a fantastic idea with Tri Force Heroes, but the premise is underserved and undermined by some fundamental design issues and shaky online infrastructure. It's nothing short of a tragedy to wait a whole decade for another multiplayer Zelda and receive what feels like a largely unfinished idea with great potential.
Kevin SchallerOct 21, 2015
It looks fantastic, it plays exactly how it should, and there’s plenty of both material and challenges to keep playing for a long time. The Colosseum might be underwhelming, and the picture-taking stuff is basic, but the rest is damn fun.
Kyle HilliardOct 21, 2015
Tri Force Heroes does co-op well, but the repetitive gameplay loop simply isn’t satisfying. The rewards are worthwhile, but the journey gets tiresome before making it to the final boss. Tonally, the game has a great style and welcoming sense of humor, but I found little reason to continue to revisit the Drablands after my initial ventures.
Chris CarterOct 21, 2015
I would outright suggest that you avoid Tri Force Heroes if you plan on going at it alone. The good news is that the online portion works wonderfully, and with download play, you can get a local three-person game running up in no time. If you don't fit that criteria though, you can probably pass on Link's newest adventure.
Alex DonaldsonNov 16, 2015
If you're looking for a substantial solo Zelda experience with narrative and deep progression, Tri Force Heroes is not that game. If you just enjoy Zelda puzzles a lot, or enjoy multiplayer twists on familiar formula, it's an easy recommendation. Just be sure to understand what you're going in for before you pick this up.
Jordan HelmOct 28, 2015
In the end, Nintendo’s multiplayer-centric, multiplayer-favoring mechanics offer just enough neat ideas and well-implemented level design to keep you invested. I mean…come on, you can have Link wear a dress for Christ’s sake. It’s a silly game with an equally-silly concept, but Nintendo somehow does just enough to make it work, if not excel.
Ray CarsilloOct 21, 2015
Tri Force Heroes is a Zelda game in name only. When you dig just past the surface, poor gameplay mechanics and key missing elements for a Zelda title tarnish what is otherwise a serviceable adventure game.
Neal RonaghanOct 29, 2015
The single-player might be infuriating and the online might have its connection and communication issues, but considering local multiplayer as the ideal way to play Tri Force Heroes, the game is fantastic. The co-op gameplay on display in this light-hearted Zelda adventure is ingenious and clever. Even if you have to move Death Mountain to get a group together in one location, Tri Force Heroes is worth playing.
Danny SayaOct 28, 2015
Triforce Heroes is a fantastic Zelda experience that combines the hectic nature of Super Mario Bros. U’s multiplayer with the teamwork based gameplay of the original Four Swords games. The result is an undeniably fun game that still feels like a full Zelda package.
Simon MillerOct 21, 2015
Triforce Heroes is more of a Four Swords than it is A Link Between Worlds, and that's fine. Get some people on board to play with you, and it's a nice stopgap while we wait for whatever Nintendo is planning next. Be warned that you may encounter the usual 3DS server nonsense from time-to-time, but by-and-large you should be able to find a session with little bother.
Drew LeachmanNov 17, 2015
I went into this game thinking I was going to completely dislike it, and in the end enjoyed my time with it. It may be a bit overly simplistic at times when traditional Zelda fans come into it, and the single player can be a bit boring with micromanaging each Link, but if players can find some friends to play either online or locally, there’s some great fun to be had, especially if you allow the crafting bug to bite you.
Thomas WhiteheadOct 21, 2015
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a mixed bag, though still exudes the charm of the franchise while throwing in some delightful features all of its own. Outfits are a high point, as are the presentation and soundtrack, and there are moments of wonder when level design and teamwork come together in harmony. There are weak points, however, with uneven stage design, poor communication options in multiplayer and a single player experience that's a mere afterthought. Tri Force Heroes isn't a bad game, but it's not on the same level as its illustrious predecessors.
Royce DeanOct 24, 2015
Speaking of suggestions, playing Tri Force heroes is one of the smartest things you can do as a 3DS owner right now. With or without friends the game is a blast. If this is the first of other Zelda themed spin-offs that manage to keep the spirit of Zelda alive, then I’m jazzed to see what else Nintendo can cook up for us.
Alex SeedhouseOct 21, 2015
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes isn’t the pinnacle of the series, but it was never intended to be. This diversionary spin-off packs hours of hilarity for those that can rally two heroic heroes to form a legendary party, although proves more problematic for those wandering Hytopia alone.
Mike MinottiOct 21, 2015
Tri Force Heroes is a lot of fun when you’re playing with friends, but make sure you have two buddies who can dedicate some time. The experience just isn’t as engaging when you’re alone, and you lose a lot of the social elements when you play with strangers over the Internet.
Mike MahardyOct 21, 2015
There are hints of a great game here, and when three players are cooperating in frantic battles, or working through dynamic puzzles, it shows. But like its story of fashion and surface appeal, there’s not much depth here, and the facade fades with time. Tri Force Heroes offers us the means to work together, but not enough reason to do so.
Brandon JonesOct 26, 2015
Even for a multiplayer spin-off, Tri Force Heroes just doesn’t offer enough to justify its price tag, and it absolutely shouldn’t be played alone. If you’re a stalwart fan with a pair of dedicated friends, you will likely have a pleasant time with the game’s puzzles and combat, but it’s hard to recommend this game to anyone that hasn’t already sought the Triforce for a much more admirable purpose.
Kyle HansonOct 31, 2015
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is an enjoyable multiplayer Zelda experience, but one that has trouble holding up too well over the long haul. Single player is a bit of a disaster, offering little more than tedium and frustration, so if you don't have some friends to play with you might want to avoid this game.
Jim SterlingNov 02, 2015
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a game that’s far better than its shackles allow it to be. Even as hampered as it is by online chicanery and distinctly “Nintendo” hassles, it’s still a great deal of fun and one of the best handheld online adventures you could undertake. It just requires some patience to get working, with a reward that’s well worth it.
Jose OteroOct 21, 2015
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is more than just a fun co-op diversion from the large-scale solo adventures this series is known for. The challenging, intricate puzzles are great chaotic fun in local multiplayer or for a one-time run through in single-player. Limited communication tools make it difficult to play with adventurers online, but everywhere else it’s a success.
Albert LichiNov 01, 2015
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a disappointing entry in the long-running series. It looks great, and sounds great, and it is even incredibly fluid (so long as the online mode isn't played), plus has some well designed puzzles and boss fights. The wide variety of costumes that have their perks is a very Zelda-like idea and works out fine, but having some permanently stuck behind the friend token barrier will put many off. T
Dave IrwinOct 21, 2015
Sadly, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes doesn’t quite wow the catwalk. It may have the character, control and theme down to a tee, but the dungeon design is nowhere near as tight as those from the main franchise. If you have the right minded people playing locally or using some kind of voice chat, you will have a blast if you can get past some of the flawed dungeon design. While far from a fashion disaster, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes does need some touching up.
Mark BrownOct 21, 2015
All told, Tri Force Heroes can be a fun and raucous little slice of Zelda-style adventuring. And when it all comes together - with like-minded friends working in harmony and facing the hardest bosses as a tight-knit team - it's a great experience.
gamesTMNov 07, 2015
There’s plenty of content to be found in Tri Force Heroes, with a healthy set of stages that – despite its clear multiplayer leanings – are still fun to play through on your own. It’s blatantly never going to rival the Ocarinas or Wind Wakers of the world, but as a game for Zelda fans to get stuck into while they wait for the next main event, it’s an excellent stop-gap.
Lee GarbuttOct 21, 2015
At the end of the day, this is a bite-sized, multiplayer Legend of Zelda game, and for most of us that’s enough of a reason to pick this up. But even with the focus on multiplayer, this is an adventure that is just as enjoyable for lone heroes, especially for those who fancy a challenge.
Fabrizia MalgieriOct 22, 2015
Beautiful, intriguing, tremendous fun, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a great fit on 3DS, a much-needed breath of fresh air for the handheld. If you're looking for a classic adventure that draws from The Legend of Zelda series, perhaps you'll be disappointed. However, if you're among those who'd like to jump headfirst into hours and hours of fun with both local friends and online opponents, Tri Force Heroes might well be the experience you've been waiting for.
Jason LepineOct 21, 2015
If you’re looking for some fun and hectic gaming moments with your friends then Triforce Heroes along with its clever puzzles, fun visuals and beautiful soundtrack is sure to please. For those interested in the game because of its Zelda association just be prepared for a less fulfilling experience than you’re used to.
Carlos LeivaOct 21, 2015
Un genial diseño de niveles, puzles y combates muy bien planteados, una jugabilidad tan simple como llena de posibilidades, una gran cantidad de horas de juego y muchísima diversión es lo que encontraréis en la nueva aventura de Link... siempre y cuando tengáis al menos dos conocidos con quienes compartir esta odisea, ya que jugado con gente aleatoria o de forma individual la experiencia no es ni la mitad de buena.
Jesús BellaOct 21, 2015
Zelda vuelve al multijugador con un título que combina los mejores atributos de la saga (mazmorras variadas, puzles ingeniosos, uso de objetos y jefes finales desafiantes) con un enfoque multijugador que resulta explosivo junto a otros jugadores. Sólo le habría faltado más profundidad para llegar más lejos, pero la trifuerza que forma cuando se une un trío de héroes es de las más poderosas que se han dado en esta mítica saga. Más que un Zelda menor, es un Zelda para ser compartido.
DefaOct 23, 2015
El ya de por sí más que sólido catálogo del 3DS se refresca con una propuesta diferente en todo sentido. Si tienes dos amigos más con quienes disfrutar de esta épica aventura, necesitas ir en este momento por Tri Force Heroes. En caso de que seas de los que se sigue preguntando si es que vale la pena tenerlo solo para jugarlo en solitario, lo mejor es que voltees hacia otro lado, pues el objetivo de este título va por un camino completamente diferente.
Enrique García y Salva FernàndezOct 21, 2015
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes es una experiencia notable en cooperativo y cuenta con varios elementos para ser rejugado durante horas. El sistema de objetos para desbloquear nuevos trajes y las misiones especiales aportan una gran durabilidad a un juego que destaca por puzles dinámicos y buenos jefes finales, en el que cada jugador tiene un rol a desempeñar. Pero Tri Force queda lejos de ser lo que muchos pueden pensar como el Zelda cooperativo definitivo.
Borja AbadieOct 21, 2015
El nivel es de notable alto en todo pero las situaciones que vivimos no dejan de parecerse demasiado a las que ya hemos vivido en otros títulos similares o en la propia saga (y no hace tanto de A Link Between Worlds). Salvo la posibilidad de crear torres con los héroes (que ya hemos visto otra veces), su sistema de indumentarias (también visto) o su divertida trama, no encontramos motivos para encumbrar a Tri Force Heroes en los altares de la saga.
José Manuel BringasOct 21, 2015
Los trajes son, a la vez, la recompensa al superar los niveles y la forma de acometer con éxito los retos que van más allá de la historia principal. Pese a ser un juego divertido, sin duda sabe a poco y hay ciertos detalles que lo alejan del sobresaliente, como el desequilibrio entre jugar solo o acompañado y el sistema de comunicación entre jugadores, que se queda muy corto en cuanto los desafíos ganan en complejidad.
Alonso ZamoraOct 29, 2015
Tri Force Heroes es un spin-off divertido y de diseño competente, pero no es para nada algo comparable a una nueva entrada en la franquicia y se siente algo liviano en el apartado de diseño e incluso de rejugabilidad. La recolección de SWAG e items sólo puede llegar hasta cierto punto, y sus más bien limitadas mecánicas llegan a cansar. Sin embargo, no es una mala opción para alguien que quiera un poco de diversión multijugador local sin mayor compromiso. Forever Alones, absténgase: el juego es un completo horror y tedio en el modo Doppels. En resumen: Tri Force Heroes es un simple dungeon crawler, no un infaltable para tu librería, pero no un mal título. Bien a secas.
Valentin AschenbrennerOct 21, 2015
Absolute Zelda-Enthusiasten werden ohnehin bei Triforce Heroes zugreifen. Vor allem unter Freunden und im eingespielten Team entfaltet Triforce Heroes sein volles Spaßpotential. Für Einzelgänger oder Koop-Muffel ist die Luft jedoch schon nach einigen Spielstunden raus, vor allem, wenn man keine Lust auf fremde Highscore-Jäger hat. The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes ist ein netter Zeitvertreib für zwischendurch, der jedoch nicht die Tiefe vergleichbarer Zelda-(Handheld-)Titel mit sich bringt.
Jan WöbbekingOct 23, 2015
The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes wirkt auf mich, als hätte Nintendo dem Spiel nicht die Zeit gegönnt, die es verdient hätte. Die Rätsel wurden zwar schön auf die Gadgets und den Menschenturm abgestimmt - einige Probleme bei Balance und Technik dämpfen aber immer wieder den Spaß.
Matthieu HurelOct 21, 2015
A peu près aussi décousu que son titre, Tri Force Heroes est un Zelda que l'on n'attendait pas plus que ça et dont on ne souviendra pas beaucoup plus après l'avoir pratiqué. Jouer à la poupée avec Link pour remplir une quête futile a son charme, l'idée du totem fonctionne plutôt bien à plusieurs et les défis annexes apportent des contraintes bienvenues à la formule de base, sans oublier les belles trouvailles glissées dans la localisation française.
Laurely BirbaOct 21, 2015
Du coup, il aurait été injuste que ses deux partenaires qui l'ont aidé à accéder à une zone particulière, repartent les mains vides. Pour découper des tibias, il faudra alors se tourner vers les combats en arène. Là, le but du jeu sera de mettre K.O. ses adversaires, le vainqueur étant celui qui parviendra à réaliser le plus grand nombre de K.O. une fois le chrono écoulé. Oui, on se console comme on peut.
Yann BernardOct 21, 2015
Histoire de limiter les tergiversations, Tri Force Heroes suit une démarche résolument coopérative symbolisée par le totem, qui se révèle hélas assez fastidieuse seul et souvent brouillonne à plusieurs, voire crispante. Son potentiel ne s'exprime ainsi qu'en réseau local, costumes et défis spéciaux à l'appui. Les aventuriers persévérants y trouveront d'ailleurs une quête à leur mesure, malgré les perspectives restreintes qu'offrent l'extension de la garde-robe et l'arène.
RomendilOct 21, 2015
Il n'a peut-être pas l'envergure d'un Zelda tourné vers l'aventure avec un grand A, mais ce Tri Force Heroes n'en redouble pas moins d'inventivité pour prouver que la série a vraiment du potentiel en multi. Tout juste sympa en solo, The Legend of Zelda : Tri Force Heroes devient carrément extra lorsqu'on s'y aventure à trois joueurs, et la possibilité d'activer les défis spéciaux garantit un challenge corsé à réserver aux trios les mieux coordonnés !
André HenriquesOct 21, 2015
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes não merece ser descrito como um título "spin-off" e muito menos ser menosprezado pelo foco no multijogador. É sim um título com as raízes estruturantes da série, repleto de conteúdo para vários jogadores, capaz de conceder horas e horas de entretenimento e diversão.
Tiago MarafonaOct 21, 2015
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes é a sequência perfeita de Four Swords Adventures mas com mais argumentos. Sendo um título pensado especialmente no modo multijogador, o modo a solo pode tornar-se repetitivo e talvez azedo, tratando-se unicamente de realizar uma jornada de quebra-cabeças e agravado pela falta de Zelda e de Link.
Mattia RavanelliOct 21, 2015
The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes è un esperimento riuscito. Se avete modo di giocarlo con degli amici in carne e ossa, non ve ne pentirete. Le serate che ho speso affrontando le sue missioni in multiplayer locale sono state tra le più divertenti e interessanti da molto tempo a questa parte. Sono sicuro che me le ricorderò a lungo, così come già successo con quelle di Four Swords Adventures.
Marco PerriOct 21, 2015
Il gioco brilla nelle missioni secondarie, vero fulcro del gameplay e stimolo di testardaggine nel portarle tutte a termine, uniche parti in grado di dare un vero significato ai costumi e al multiplayer (meglio ancora se in locale). Certo, il fatto che con una sola cartuccia potrete giocare in tre è di per sé qualcosa di meraviglioso, sufficiente a obbligarne l'acquisto a una tripletta di amici appassionati.
Lorenzo MosnaOct 21, 2015
Questo è un capitolo estremamente divertente di questa saga e capace di offrire ore ed ore di gioco su scenari che, talvolta, ci mostrano la pura genialità dei level designer di Nintendo. L’unico limite di questo gioco è dato dalla sua struttura orientata al multiplayer, che gli sviluppatori hanno in qualche modo cercato di aggirare con un single player funzionante ma un po’ raffazzonato. Se, tuttavia, siete disposti ad accettare che Zelda sa essere piacevole anche in compagnia, Tri-Force Heroes è un vero e proprio concentrato di divertimento che non tradirà le vostre attese.
Михаил ГорбуновNov 16, 2015
Геймплейно – один из лучших релизов 2015 года. Увы, не без недостатков: жаль, что сюда не захотели втиснуть мало-мальски интересную историю. Печально, что в 2015 году не все разработчики знают о существовании голосового чата. Жаль, что игра через интернет в проекте, заточенном под мультиплеер, приносит больше разочарования, чем удовольствия.
Sander NoordijkOct 21, 2015
Alleen spelend kom je gestroomlijnder door de levels heen, maar mis je het genoegen van de gezamenlijke overwinning. Jammer genoeg is het moeilijk communiceren met online spelers en is het niet mogelijk om met twee spelers de game te doorkruisen. Uiteindelijk kan de repetitieve aard van de game niet opvechten tegen de leuke boss fights en aankleding. Tri Force Heroes voelt als een concept, dat net wat dieper uitgewerkt had moeten worden.
Calvin FoeOct 21, 2015
Laat dit je niet ontmoedigen om Tri Force Heroes in huis te halen, want deze titel zal je zeker een aantal gelukkige speluren brengen. De dungeons, eindbazen en puzzels zijn van een ontzettend hoog niveau en de presentatie ouderwets goed. Dan knijpen we een oogje dicht voor het flinterdunne verhaal.
Jerry FogseliusOct 21, 2015
Storyn är däremot så gott som värdelös och bossbataljerna kunde gärna ha fått vara lite kortare. Dessa saker drar ner slutbetyget ett snäpp, medan den klanderfria spelmekaniken, det robusta flerspelarläget och det höga omspelningsvärdet är tillräckligt goda skäl för att jag ska rekommendera alla som ruvar på en 3DS att skaffa The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. Om du har vänner att spela tillsammans med, är detta ett solklart köp.
Tobias HellgrenOct 21, 2015
Spelet känns helt enkelt andefattigt, jag hade hellre sett att man marknadsfört spelet mer som en spin-off och använt sig av andra karaktärer än Link. Med sina 32 banor och fyra utmaningar vardera är det ändå ett matigt spel, oavsett om man spelar solo eller i trio. Multiplayerläget lyfter upplevelsen och är stundtals både hysteriskt rolig och ytterst spännande, vilket är också den största anledningen till att köpa spelet.