Super Mighty Power Man – The Champion of the Galaxy for Nintendo 3DS

Super Mighty Power Man – The Champion of the Galaxy


Trailer, Gameplay, & Screenshots


About this game

Developer: Box hedge Games
Content Rating: Everyone


Play as Corey, a gutsy kid who accidentally finds himself caught in a most unexpected adventure to save the galaxy. Helped by a clumsy extraterrestrial robot named Robby, and armed with a mysterious device called ‘The Power Grasp’, Corey must defend the Earth from the spreading evil forces of General Mok. He will need to fight (and jump) his way through deadly environments, hordes of monsters, and other hazardous traps to free occupied planets from the tyranny of his enemy’s lieutenants. ‘The Power Grasp’ grants Corey superhuman powers, allowing him to merge with other lifeforms and become one of the many forms of Super Mighty Power Man!


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