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Justin TowellOct 31, 2011
This is easily the best Sonic game since the hog's Sonic 2 glory days. Surprisingly, modern Sonic's levels are the more impressive and fun and, while low-speed control is still clumsy, the wealth of quality action scenes cherry-picked from the past two decades make the overwhelming majority of Sonic Generations an absolute blast.
James NewtonNov 25, 2011
Sonic Generations has a lot going for it: it looks good and offers plenty of content, and when it's on form it succeeds in combining Sonic's platforming and speed in a single package. Some design choices miss the mark though, and it's undeniably short and unambitious compared to Super Mario 3D Land. Most of all, it never quite recaptures the original's vibrant spirit that made it stand out 20 years ago.
Jack DevriesDec 06, 2011
Whereas the console version of Sonic Generations is a blending of old and new mentality in a fast-paced speed fest, the 3DS version is mostly just a Sonic Rush game where both playable characters happen to be Sonic. Fun platforming and nostalgia are all up in the game, but it’s actually a small step backwards for handheld hedgehog games.
Jonathan HolmesJan 04, 2012
In the end, Sonic Generations is not the worst Sonic game I've played, but it's far from the best either. I'm glad that I was forced to play through the whole thing, as there are definitely some clever design choices and cool moments in later levels. It's just a shame that I had to wade through so many cheap speed-blocking hits and uneventful levels to get to them.
Alex SeedhouseJan 04, 2012
All in all, Sonic Generations is sure to provide fans with plenty of fun. Dynamic, engaging visuals are accompanied by a terrific return to the core foundations of the series, that allowed the iconic blue hedgehog to become such a popular figure for SEGA. Disappointments remain, but this is still a Nintendo 3DS release, and celebration of a gaming icon, that you won’t want to miss out on.
Chris BuffaNov 26, 2011
Don't get us wrong. There's decent fun to be had with this portable Sonic Generations, but not enough to warrant spending $39.99. Ultimately, the entire package feels rushed. Odd, considering Sega wound up releasing it almost a month after the console iteration. The verdict? Sonic Generations doesn't have enough meat on its bones to stand alongside the best handheld Sonics on the market, but it's still worth a look.
Jason JasickiJan 03, 2012
Sonic Generations for the 3DS is by no means a bad game, it is just a disappointing one. Being able to play as both Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic in an assortment of old and new stages is a great idea, but everything is over very quickly. Missions help to extend the lifespan of the title but they don’t offer much variety. Even with its faults, fans of the series will absolutely love the overflowing amount of fan service packed into the little cartridge.
Mike RoseNov 29, 2011
Sonic Generations desperately wants to be "the fan's Sonic game", and kudos for that. But in the end, it manages to simply outline exactly why the old Sonic games were better than the more recent ones. With awful level design and just two hours of gameplay, Sonic Generations is not the return to form that we were hoping for.
Albert GarcíaJan 11, 2012
En definitiva, Sonic Generations acierta en su apuesta decidida por ofrecer aquello que siempre han querido los fans de un juego de Sonic, que es la velocidad clásica de los juegos de Megadrive, pero lamentablemente falla en otros pequeños detalles que hacen que su propuesta no acabe de brillar tanto como en su versión para consolas de sobremesa.
Jesús BellaNov 29, 2011
Aún así, la mano de Dimps se nota, salvando el conjunto con un ritmo de juego que, a pesar de ser demasiado veloz, nos propone una selección de escenarios épica (más que en el resto de plataformas) que podría llegar a convencer a los más acérrimos fieles del puercoespín, tanto por su encanto visual como inigualable espíritu "retro".
PixelpirateNov 25, 2011
La faute à des phases rétro et modernes pas assez différenciées, ainsi qu'à un level design peu inspiré et parfois maladroit. Qui plus est, la maigreur de l'aventure principale n'est guère compensée par les nombreux à-côtés, qui ne sont pas tous du plus haut intérêt. Reste une réalisation agréable et un fan-service omniprésent, qui inciteront sans doute les fans à craquer pour cet épisode commémoratif dispensable.
Rox van der HelmDec 03, 2011
Lieve Sonic, gefeliciteerd met je twintigste verjaardag. Wij zien dat je volwassener bent geworden, je bent opgegroeid tot iets moois. Je staat in de bloei van je leven. Nooit zag je er zo mooi betoverend uit met grafische details om van te houden. Het is fijn dat we nog even mochten genieten van je oude jaren, die terugblikken, die vonden we leuk.