Skylanders SWAP Force

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Steve ButtsOct 13, 2013
Skylanders Swap Force for the 3DS is a fun but short addition to the franchise. It's an acceptable substitute to the console experience, mostly on the strength of its interesting villain and original story. Just don't expect to get as much content out of this one as you'd get on the consoles.
Kirby YablonskiOct 18, 2013
All in all I would say that the 3DS version of Skylanders SWAP Force is a solid companion game for the home console version. That being said, it does feel dumbed down somewhat (e.g. not as much to explore, not as many secrets, etc.), and there is a lack of co-op play, all of which results in it feeling like a secondary experience.
Ron DelVillanoOct 30, 2013
It’s undeniable that series fans will love playing as their favourite Skylanders in this new story, but it’s a hard sell for genre fans looking to jump in. If you own a Wii U then you’d be better off sticking with the superior home console release, but collectors seeking a straightforward platforming adventure could do much worse.
Chris BuffaOct 28, 2013
Skylanders Swap Force is another entertaining 3DS game, and one of the few that compliments its console counterpart. Considering it's compatible with previously released Skylanders, there's a tremendous amount of value packed into the box. The missions feel familiar, but that probably won't matter much to hardcore fans desperate for their newest fix.
Peter WillingtonDec 06, 2013
If you're not a fan of the Skylanders brand of combat and platforming, then Swap Force isn't going to do much to bring you into the toy-collecting fold. But for fans of the series, there's finally a great portable version of the home experience. A very good version of a great game, the 3DS outing of Swap Force is the portable port fans have deserved for a long time.
James GriffinOct 31, 2013
In the end, this is the sort of title that could have been a solid experience. The creatures are interesting, the swapping of tops and bottoms adds customization, but this serves little purpose unless the actual game itself has depth. With a silly story that adds little reason to stay, this game is only for the collecting maniacs. Or as I like to call them: kids.
Maxime ChaoOct 21, 2013
Le jeu gagne ainsi en variété avec des centaines de combinaisons qui risquent de ravir les plus jeunes joueurs, ce qui implique d’acheter d’autres figurines pour éviter une trop grande frustration. Dommage cependant que l’aventure reste assez linéaire au final, même si des efforts dans le gameplay ont été apportés. Toujours est-il que Skylander : SWAP Force reste l’épisode le plus intéressant de la série.
Alessandro ZampiniFeb 02, 2014
La versione 3DS di Swap Force non ha purtroppo la stessa capacità di entusiasmare e far sognare che ha segnato il successo delle altre iterazioni. La gestione degli skylander via software è si indispensabile ma anche anonima, il gameplay è molto più votato all'esplorazione che al combattimento e la mancanza di multiplayer, unita ad una campagna davvero corta, non riesce proprio a rendere appetibile il gioco a chi non sia un fan accanito della saga.
Joakim HakanssonOct 30, 2013
Sammantaget är Skylanders: Swap Force ett synnerligen välgjort actionspel vars kvaliteter är uppenbara. För den som lyckas motstå ett allt för överdrivet figursamlande är det till och med väldigt mycket spel för pengarna. Till nästa års oundvikliga uppföljare önskar jag mig en förbättrad kamera, en rejäl minskning i irriterande avbrott och figurer som går att dela i tre delar - Skylanders: Tri Force!