Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux for 3DS

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux (3DS)

Released: New
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux for 3DS
Genre: RPGSingle Player
Developer: Atlus
Content Rating: Mature


A spatial distortion full of demons appeared in Antarctica, threatening to engulf the Earth in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. The United Nations responded by tasking a team of highly advanced specialists with piercing the anomaly and figuring out how to stop it from the source. Well, get ready to don your Demonica once again in this new expanded port: Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux. Expect new story content, additional endings, a new dungeon to explore, and more in the return of this sci-fi tinged SMT adventure
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From its demon collecting and killer combat to its sci-fi South Pole setting, Strange Journey Redux is a fantastically engrossing adventure, and an excellent reason to get lost in your 3DS once again. As a remake of a DS classic, Redux adds in enough new content to make a replay worth your time, along with plenty of welcome accessibility tweaks to help let newcomers in on one of Shin Megami Tensei’s best kept secrets.

Morgan Sleeper May 29, 2018

Dual Shockers


If you have a 3DS and liked Strange Journey or didn’t get a chance to play it but are a fan of the series, I’d recommend picking up Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux to see what it has to offer. If you’re new to the series, Redux‘s difficulty options and overall presentation are an excellent starting point for entering the deep, dark world of Shin Megami Tensei.

Emily Hobbs May 15, 2018

Hardcore Gamer


Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux is how an enhanced remake should be handled. The core gameplay and story remains intact for fans of the 2010 original, but the graphical enhancements and new story paths provide reason to check out this new version. This remake also gives people who discovered Shin Megami Tensei more recently to check out one of the older titles in a form that feels more contemporary. With the heavy emphasis on story and a campaign where fifty hours is considered a fast completion, this is not a casual game, but it’s well worth a look for anyone who enjoys story-rich JRPGs they can sink close to a hundred hours into it.

Chris Shive May 15, 2018



Since 2009, Atlus has released many games and made strides in both storytelling as well as gameplay, and despite its many improvements, Strange Journey falls short of lofty standards Atlus has set for its modern games. Despite it certainly being the definitive version of the game to play, it leaves much to be desired under the shining banner of Shin Megami Tensei.

Jae Lee May 29, 2018

Nintendo World Report


Strange Journey is a stark contrast. I never found myself confused on what I was supposed to do next and after committing to some light reading of the tutorials I felt like I had grasp on all of the different mechanics available to me. I can wholly recommend this as a litmus test for fans of Persona 5 who haven’t yet gotten into the main Shin Megami Tensei series.

David Lloyd May 15, 2018



With the various quality of life improvements, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux is simply a more playable version of an already great game. I really enjoyed it the first time around eight years ago, and replaying it today reminds of why it was the ideal game to introduce me to the Shin Megami Tensei franchise.

CJ Andriessen May 15, 2018

Gaming Bolt


The overhauls and the new content, make this, easily, the definitive version of an already pretty good, if overlooked, game. The 3DS is being sunset, and will eventually be retired, but is Strange Journey Redux is to be one of its last major releases, at least it got to go out on a high.

Pramath Parijat May 15, 2018



Already a phenomenal game in its own right, Redux makes Strange Journey all the better with gameplay and narrative additions that only serve to enhance what was already present. Alex's presence in the plot adds an extra layer of tragedy to what was already one of the darkest stories in the franchise, and the Womb of Grief is one of the best dungeons in the series, offering a variety of fantastic new bosses, demons, and side-quests to play around with.

Renan Fontes May 16, 2018


One of the best Shin Megami Tensei games returns, mixing standard Japanese role-playing with the series’ typically provocative story elements and Persona style gameplay.

GameCentral May 18, 2018

Pocket Gamer


Everything slots into place, and for my money, outpaces and surpasses Etrian Odyssey, Persona Q, and even in some aspects the lauded Persona 5, in its implementation of its elements, from dungeon exploration, to storytelling and battles. It's one of those rare games that makes me happy to pick up my 3DS again over my Switch, and I've definitely enjoyed the change of pace.

Dave Aubrey May 21, 2018



Oscuro, místico, de naturaleza lovecraftiana y con aire renovado, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux marca el retorno de esta entrega que muchos podrían no haber pedido, pero les encantará tener en su colección. Atlus ha hecho un buen trabajo en esta versión para en Nintendo 3DS, la cual dista mucho de caer en la categoría de “lazy port” debido al contenido que añade, así como el exhaustivo trabajo de voces y retoques gráficos que requería un proyecto de su calibre.

PAMELA May 14, 2018



Si no te asustan las largas cadenas de textos, mirar al mapa en vez de a los escenarios y otros detalles menores, encontrarás en Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux un rpg profundo y extenso que tan bien se refleja con la longitud de su nombre. Sin embargo, no se trata de una de las mejores entregas de esta complicada serie, aunque pocos son los títulos de Shin Megami Tensei que sean más accesibles que este.

Pablo Seara García Jun 01, 2018



Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux es un gran juego de rol con una absorbente historia que se sale de las convenciones del género para ofrecernos un guion mucho más adulto y profundo de lo habitual.

Carlos Leiva May 26, 2018

3D Juegos


Strange Journey Redux es un muy buen dungeon crawler, desafiante y con combates divertidos, directos y abundantes, perfectos para su factor portátil. Se le suma una historia interesante y con múltiples caminos que encandiló a buena parte de su comunidad, y ahora se unen nuevos añadidos perfectos para engrosar el número de horas de juego y dar una excusa a los que ya lo jugaron en su momento.

Alejandro Pascual May 18, 2018


Der mit neuen Figuren, Schauplätzen und Spielenden erweiterte Umfang kann sich jedenfalls sehen lassen, wird aber nach wie vor von einer gewissen Zähigkeit und Monotonie flankiert, die nicht jedem schmecken dürfte. Fans von Dungeon-Crawlern alter Schule mit einem Faible fürs Bizarre werden jedoch gut unterhalten.

Jens Bischoff May 25, 2018


La petite touche à la Metroid apporte un plus indéniable et la direction artistique est enfin mise en valeur par des modèles plus détaillés que sur le support d’origine. Pour les amateurs de la série, cet épisode est une valeur sûre et une belle entrée en matière pour les novices qui n’ont pas peur de se perdre dans les dédales labyrinthiques de sa folie. On lui reprochera juste son manque global de vie et de punch.

Ayden_ Jun 03, 2018

Game Kult


Rarement un jeu n’aura si bien porté son nom : quel bien étrange voyage, ce Strange Journey Redux. Pas celui qu’on réserve en soldes en épiant les fluctuations tarifaires des compagnies aériennes. Non, c’est plutôt un pèlerinage dont le chemin boueux et semé d’embûches s’avère tantôt crevant, tantôt miséricordieux.

Sanakan May 25, 2018

Spazio Games


La nostra raccomandazione include coloro i quali si rivolsero al mercato d'importazione all'epoca della prima uscita, perché la quantità di contenuti inediti e di diversi livelli di difficoltà potrebbe indurli a dare al titolo una seconda vita, soprattutto in un periodo arido di grandi uscite per 3DS come quest'ultimo.

Gianluca Arena May 24, 2018


Strange Journey Redux è un titolo pensato anche e soprattutto per chi non ha mai messo mano a uno Shin Megami Tensei, grazie a una serie di novità che migliorano la formula originale senza snaturarla. È un dungeon crawler in prima persona davvero tosto ma ricco di personalità che ci sentiamo di consigliare specialmente a chi se l'è perso nell'edizione per Nintendo DS e a chi cerca un gioco di ruolo impegnativo che si discosta un po' dalle atmosfere fantasy più convenzionali.

Christian Colli May 19, 2018