Sadame for Nintendo 3DS


Feb 25, 2016
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Developer: Rising Star Games
Content Rating: Teen


Choose the role of a Samurai, Ninja, Monk or Rogue and confront an invasion of Japanese traditional Yokai taking over the nation. Hack and slash your way through an army of monsters using Swordsmanship, Ninjitsu, pole sword, bow, and supernatural powers. Enhance your skills by defeating waves of enemies and slaying evil bosses lying in wait. Level up and customize your hero to take on tougher foes and learn new combo skills for devasting attacks. Unselected heroes will support you as an Assist - or you can send them to Assist other players via StreetPass™! Hack your way through 23 stages based on Japanese historic battles across four chapters, all beautifully hand-drawn using classic 2D Japanese art style.

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Jason BohnMar 03, 2016
Sadame isn’t a terrible game by any stretch. Obvious attention was paid to get all the action/RPG trappings in place to create a deep experience. Everywhere, that is, except where it really counts. Attempting to use anything but one combo throughout this game isn’t a sound choice. Trying anything else is a recipe for frustration. It’s possible that some folks would be alright with this, but there are so many better options available.
CJ AndriessenMar 07, 2016
In trailers and screenshots, Sadame certainly looks the part of a long-lost SNES classic. It's not. The yearning desire of my inner child to relive those glorious golden years of gaming is in no way satiated by this repetitive adventure. Instead, the radiance of that era is dimmed just a touch as it reminds of the humdrum games from my youth that are usually invisible in the rose-tinted rearview mirror of the mind. And just as I came to forget about those games, so too shall I soon forget about Sadame.
Morgan SleeperMar 22, 2016
A fun action RPG with an infernal/feudal Japanese aesthetic and some great ideas, Sadame is a welcome eShop surprise. The core combat can get repetitive, and it lacks the fluid finesse of the best beat-'em-ups, but there's a lot here to love, including a particularly thoughtful implementation of its four-character hook. If you're in the mood for a hack-and-slash alt-history lesson, Sadame can definitely cut it.