River City: Knights of Justice for Nintendo 3DS

River City: Knights of Justice

Jun 20, 2017
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Developer: Arc System Works
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Several years have passed since the rainbow-colored Crystal Tower was suddenly enveloped in darkness. With the world plunged into horror and chaos, a legend began to spread amongst the people about a savior who would come to save the world. Then, one day, a lone knight appeared. His name: Alexander Valford. Kunio and his friends go medieval in River City: Knights of Justice! This unique entry to the River City series sees Kunio and his friends and foes transformed into heroes and villains that would be at home in any RPG! Use swords, staves, and even magic to bring peace back to Riverandia!

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Jeremy PeeplesJun 23, 2017
River City: Knights of Justice is an excellent beat ’em up on the whole. It has some graphical and audio shortcomings that drag it down, but long-time fans of he series will still find a lot of enjoyment here. There’s a lot of strategy players can employ thanks to the unique nature of the game’s environments, and when combined with the RPG-style character-building, gives the game far more replay value than many beat ’em ups. The small character size makes this a game better-suited for XL screens, though, as basic 2DS and 3DS screens are a bit too small to show off everything easily.
Alex CulafiJun 28, 2017
River City: Knights of Justice is a game that tries a lot of new things and succeeds at few of them. Despite some clever ideas and a bolder approach to combat, the lack of progression, difficulty, and an engaging plot prevents this River City game from reaching its potential.
Kaelyn DaughertyJul 01, 2017
River City: Knights of Justice is a fun retro-style beat ’em up that will take you back to medieval times. Join Alexander on his quest to bring peace back to Riverandia and beat up as many bad guys as you can on your way to victory. The game has very few flaws (easy difficulty, short length). I had fun playing it and I recommend checking it out if it looks like a game you’d be interested in.

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