Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros.

May 22, 2015

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Content Rating: Everyone10+


Two puzzling RPG adventures await you! Rescue Princess Peach from Bowser or defeat the evil group Paradox by battling enemies with the awesome power of orbs. Drag and match orbs, or chain together combos to deal massive blows to your enemies. Then bolster your forces with hundreds of unique monsters in this two-in-one game pack.

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Heidi KempsMay 22, 2015
It’s a watered-down stepping stone, intended to introduce players to Puzzle & Dragons with a familiar face and none of those intimidating in-app purchases. It’s clear, however, that P&D’s design was built on a free-to-play base, and taking those elements out actually makes the game feel less substantial as a result. While you can still have a good deal of fun with this two-in-one package, the mobile game is the better option.
Nick TanMay 15, 2015
As a two-in-one package, Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzles & Dragons Super Mario Bros. has the addictive gameplay and lasting value to be a worthy purchase for a puzzle fan on the go. ...Despite some issues with the difficulty curve and a lack of variety in spots, this Puzzles & Dragons duo matches well with the 3DS and comfortably introduces a new puzzler to Nintendo fans of all ages.
Kallie PlaggeMay 19, 2015
The Super Mario Bros. Edition delivers the puzzle and RPG challenge I was looking for; it offers tons to do and requires strong strategizing and puzzle skills without any unnecessary story filler, and that’s the series’ strong suit in the first place. It redeems the low point of Puzzle & Dragons Z, which is bogged down by a generic and forced story that does nothing but disrupt the flow of its too-easy gameplay. There’s plenty of content in both, and I’ll be back for more Mario, at least.

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