Pokemon X for Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon X

Oct 12, 2013
13th of 614

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Developer: Game Freak
Content Rating: Everyone


Your new Pokémon adventure promises to be exciting and challenging every step of the way! Be prepared to encounter many tough Pokémon and battle against tough Trainers to become the Champion! Your adventure in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y takes place in the Kalos region, home to beautiful skies and forests! The Kalos region is full of interesting places to visit and explore!

Critic Reviews

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Jacob WhritenourNov 09, 2013
Pokémon X and Y makes the classic series feel brand new. I can remember the feeling I had when playing Pokémon Red for the first time and when I began this new journey and it instantly felt like I was ten years old again. For the first time in years, doing things like running into and catching Pidgey felt brand new.
Edge StaffOct 04, 2013
It’s a delightful message to send to a new generation of players, many of whom are just starting out on their own gaming journey
Jim SterlingOct 11, 2013
I want to walk around in grass and toss my balls in a magic dog's face, and that's exactly what I get from X and Y. That I get it with beautifully animated combat and gorgeous, vivid colors just totally seals the deal. Nobody has demonstrated they can do Pokemon better than Pokemon can. X and Y does everything it needs to remain relevant, to prove why it's the top of its field, and if that's not good enough for you, there's nothing Ekans say to change your mind.

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