Pokemon Ultra Moon for 3DS

Pokemon Ultra Moon (3DS)

Pokemon Ultra Moon for 3DS
Genre: RPGMultiplayerSingle Player
Developer: Game Freak
Content Rating: Everyone


New Pokémon forms have been discovered in the Alola region in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon! These forms are reminiscent of the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozma, first revealed in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Head out on an epic journey as you solve the mystery behind these fascinating Pokémon! In this expanded adventure, get ready to explore more of the Alola region, catch more amazing Pokémon, and battle more formidable foes in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon!
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Game Zone


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are proper send-offs for what could be the last time we see the series on a handheld. Packed with hours of content and a lot more Pokemon to catch, they are more than enough to hold you over until Pokemon Switch.

Daniel R. Miller Dec 01, 2017

Game Skinny


The changes and new features in these mid-generation remakes crown Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as the definitive modern Pokemon experience.

Autumn Fish Nov 21, 2017

Pure Nintendo


For longtime fans, there are a few new Pokemon added exclusively in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon and there are more catchable, wild Pokemon than previous games. Unfortunately, for people who played Sun and Moon extensively, you will have to go through quite a bit of old content before you get to the newer content towards the end. That said, Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon are the definitive versions of the 4 games.

Justin Sharp Jan 08, 2018

Game Rant


If you’ve already tried Sun and Moon, this is worth a look, but if you haven’t experienced any of what Alola has to offer yet, Pokemon Ultra Moon is an absolute must-own that stands as the best handheld Pokemon title since the originals. With a Pokemon Switch title in the works, this could be the last time the series is tailored specifically for the Nintendo 3DS, and it’s the send-off it deserves.

Cody Gravelle Nov 23, 2017



t's really hard not to love Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. While I can't rightly say they're everything that a die-hard Pokemon fan wants, they're very clearly games that rank among the most-polished and most-appealing titles available on the Nintendo 3DS hardware.

Kevin Tucker Nov 17, 2017

Attack of the Fanboy


Despite the many improvements that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon make on Sun and Moon, I have a hard time calling them “definitive” versions of Generation VII or the Alola region or anything like that. Despite the improvements these games make, there were also plenty of things that, as I’ve stated, changed for the worse, or things that were changed for no real reason, but that didn’t really impact me one way or the other.

Dylan Siegler Nov 30, 2017

Nintendo World Report


The story feels lesser than before and Rotom simply doesn't want to stay silent. On the flip side, the new slew of activities are a lot of fun and make it feel a bit friendlier. If you can deal with the same slow opening, you will find truly some stuff to like as you explore Alola for the second time.

Daan Koopman Nov 16, 2017

Nintendo World Report


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon are very good third-version games. They expand the story alongside as well as the post-game, and barring some not-ideal motion controls and a slow intro, there's very little to complain about. It may be the same game as last year with a bunch of new stuff on top, but considering this is one of Pokémon's finest generations yet, I have zero problem with more of a good thing.

Alex Culafi Nov 22, 2017

Hardcore Gamer


There’s a couple of fun new features implemented in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and it’s the definitive edition for newcomers, but overall there’s not enough to make it worth playing through again for veterans.

Jacob Whritenour Nov 24, 2017



You’d be forgiven for not wanting to jump back into the same world again so soon but, in their own right, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are truly incredible entries to the series that deserve to be sitting amongst the elite Pokémon titles. If you’re ready for another trip around Alola’s beautiful islands, this is the way to do it.

Ryan Craddock Nov 14, 2017

Game Revolution


If you already own Sun and Moon and aren't thrilled at the aspect of traveling through Alola again, you might want to pass, because a lot of the new stuff is post game. If you haven't played Sun and Moon, or any entry in the series in a while, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is a great place to pick up the series again.

Jason Faulkner Nov 17, 2017



Though they aren't very different from their predecessors, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon make enough changes to stand apart as the definitive version of the seventh generation games. An overly complicated story is offset by charming details that bring even more life to the most vibrant Pokemon region to date, and small fixes iron out the shakier parts of the original journey.

Kallie Plagge Nov 14, 2017



The definitive edition of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon encapsulate the elements of what made the first set of games great—and also carry forward some of the games’ flaws. Players may be retreading the same island paths as before, but a new selection of Pokémon, shiny new tokens to hunt, additional mini-games, and a brand new story add fun surprises for fans of the originals to find.

Emma Schaefer Nov 14, 2017

Gaming Bolt


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon doesn't deviate much from its predecessor, but makes enough changes to deliver an experience that is notably better.

Shubhankar Parijat Nov 23, 2017



I was fine with the lack of of mid-gen Pokemon expansions over the past few years, but I’m glad Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon exist as Pokemon’s swan song on the Nintendo 3DS.

Casey DeFreitas Nov 14, 2017



Combat and customisation that’s incredibly deep, but also surprisingly accessible. Huge game world filled with secrets and near endless longevity. Expansive multiplayer options. The lack of artificial intelligence can ruin the illusion in some battles. Story is still largely the same as before, and not terribly interesting.

GameCentral Nov 15, 2017

Pocket Gamer


Ultra Sun and Moon act like a bookend. They feel like a sort of goodbye, rolling all of the best bits of previous games into one. This is very much a 'Best of' game and it feels fitting that this is likely to be the final Pokemon game for the 3DS.

Dan Lipscombe Dec 01, 2017

Game Reactor


Scattered across the various towns and cities of Alola are totem stickers, which can be collected in exchange for your own totem-sized pokémon. These stickers can be found just about anywhere; from the fronts of stranger's fridges to the middle of fountains, and push you to explore every inch of the tropical region.

Kieran Harris Nov 14, 2017



It is neither a proper remake, nor a sequel, nor even a sort of Yellow version to Sun and Moon. It is an upgrade; it is a more complete version of an already great pair of titles, with some truly great content added in for good measure... but sold at full price. It has, nonetheless, the potential to prove itself great even to returning players but at the cost of a considerable time investment replaying through mostly the same story.

Rudy Lavaux Dec 25, 2017



Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon surpassed my expectations. There were things overly familiar in more ways than one, but it’s not fully covering old ground. Plenty of new features and details will make fans of the franchise very happy and while I still mourn for the DexNav to this day, the new content is well worth becoming Alolan Champion once more.

Dave Irwin Nov 14, 2017

Nintendo Enthusiast


Ultra MoonCompared to Pokémon X and Y which introduced 3D models and multi-dimensional terrain, Pokémon Ultra Moon feels like a re-mastered version of your typical 7/10 cookie-cutter game. It’s pretty much just like the extra Poké beans you get when you buy a Pinap Juice at the Pokémon Café. Don’t over-hype the game, and you’ll enjoy it just fine.

shanawang Nov 16, 2017



Pokémon Ultrasol y Ultraluna son las versiones definitivas de Sol y Luna. No son títulos completamente nuevos, sino que comparten la misma historia, aunque se han incorporado líneas argumentales nuevas y pequeños cambios que modifican levemente el conjunto.

Borja Ruete Nov 14, 2017

Hobby Consolas


Pokémon Ultrasol y Ultraluna son las versiones refinadas, mejor equilibradas y todavía más completas de Sol y Luna. A pesar de la gran cantidad de novedades, no consigue deshacerse de cierta sensación de déjà vu, pero eso no quita que estemos ante una oferta de contenidos más grande que un Wailord y una despedida fantástica para la saga en 3DS.

Álvaro Alonso Nov 14, 2017

3D Juegos


No nuevos videojuegos, sino las versiones definitivas de Pokémon Sol y Luna. Esta es la mejor definición que podemos darte. Si llegas nuevo, está completamente recomendado. Si ya jugaste, debes sopesar muy bien las novedades.

Jesús Bella Nov 14, 2017



Como podéis leer tras haber llegado hasta aquí, Pokémon Ultrasol y Ultraluna no son más que la versión Amarilla, Cristal, Esmeralda o Platino para Pokémon Sol y Luna. No solamente por su concepto de edición definitiva, sino por el número de Pokémon Legendarios que nos permitirá conseguir.

David Soriano Nov 14, 2017



Les recuerdo que su productor, Shigeru Ohmori, declaró en su momento que estas versiones se hicieron por un staff de jóvenes en Game Freak mientras que los pesos pesados estaban trabajando en lo que será la entrega para el Nintendo Switch, pero ésa es otra historia.

Aureliano Nov 27, 2017



Sin embargo, todas estas novedades quizá no sean suficientes para quienes ya jugaron a Sol y Luna en su momento, ya que esto no deja de ser una versión mejorada y ampliada del original pensada tanto para los fans más dedicados como para quienes quieran descubrir el título por primera vez, lo que no quita que nos lo hayamos vuelto a pasar realmente bien jugando estas versiones Ultra y descubriendo todas sus novedades, lo que dice mucho del gran trabajo que ha realizado Game Freak con esta entrega.

Carlos Leiva Nov 14, 2017



Le duo Pokémon Ultra-Soleil et Ultra-Lune constitue indubitablement l'épisode le plus complet de la série, mais il se montre également très semblable à son prédécesseur, du moins a priori. Car en dépit de son cheminement global quasiment identique, et donc assez linéaire, ce remake comporte une kyrielle de petites modifications parfois malicieusement destinées aux anciens visiteurs d'Alola, ainsi que de nouvelles activités rafraîchissantes, voire captivantes.

Yann Bernard Dec 13, 2017



Si vous avez raté les épisodes Soleil et Lune, ces nouvelles éditions d'une des sagas phares de Nintendo disposent de suffisamment d'atouts pour vous convaincre de sauter le pas. Les possesseurs des éditions précédentes y trouveront aussi quelques nouveautés bienvenues, mais à l'intérêt plus limité pour les joueurs en attente de renouvellement profond.

Kaaraj Nov 16, 2017



Un véritable mode photo façon Pokémon Snap (et non les photos du Motisma-Dex), avec divers objectifs, aurait été plus appréciable mais il faudra se contenter d’un stand photo tout ce qu’il y a de plus classique.

Benjamin Betaux Nov 22, 2017

Game Kult


Attention, si vous vous attendez à la suite de Soleil et Lune, vous risquez d’être fortement déçu. Il s’agit ici ni plus ni moins d’une version complémentaire déclinée en deux.

ALS Nov 17, 2017



Não esperem uma revolução relativamente ao antecessor. Poderíamos, de certa forma, apelidar Pokemon Ultra Sun e Ultra Moon de Versão Definitiva de Sun e Moon, corrigindo as suas pequenas lacunas, oferecendo um pouco mais de conteúdo e, principalmente, uma nova narrativa dentro da mesma região. É uma espécie de Pokemon Yellow em conceito, mas que na prática inclui mais do que esse emprestou a Red e Blue. Uma boa despedida do género RPG da consola portátil da Nintendo.

Pedro Ferreira Dec 14, 2017



Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon são provavelmente os últimos jogos da série Pokémon que a Nintendo 3DS recebe e é com satisfação que se conclui que a Gamefreak cumpriu. De facto, estes são os jogos que reúnem o melhor de tudo o que o estúdio desenvolveu desde a estreia de Pokémon X & Y na consola.

Ruben Abreu Nov 14, 2017



Pokémon Ultrasole e Ultraluna è chiaramente una versione riveduta e corretta di Sole e Luna che modifica le mosse e le statistiche di alcuni mostri, ne aggiunge una manciata e introduce una serie di nuove attività e missioni secondarie che, insieme a un epilogo completamente inedito, potrebbero rappresentare un bonus contenutistico tale da giustificare l'acquisto anche se si è già giocato Sole o Luna.

Christian Colli Nov 14, 2017



Pokémon Ultrasole e Ultraluna è una versione arricchita dei suoi predecessori, ma forse troppo poco. Naturalmente, in quanto tali, si tratta di due tra i migliori giochi Pokémon di sempre, ma trattandosi di una seconda release, mi sarei aspettata decisamente qualcosa in più. In primis a livello di trama: per quanto mi riguarda, non è possibile che la storia dedicata al misterioso Necrozma ricalchi, per quasi tutta la sua durata, quella già vista in Sole e Luna.

Alessandra Minuz Nov 14, 2017



Ultra Sun en Ultra Moon bieden je meer moeilijke gevechten, meer verhaal, meer gameplay en meer Pokémon. Als je nog twijfelt of de game het waard is naast de originele Sun en Moon, dan kunnen we je gerust stellen, de game is al je tijd en geld waard.

Yasmin Abbas Nov 14, 2017



Pokémon Ultra Moon is een toffe toevoeging aan de serie. De extra’s geven spelers genoeg aanleiding om terug te keren naar Alola. Aan de andere kant was er meer te halen uit de game en zeker als je al vele uren in het vorige deel hebt zitten, kan Ultra Moon wat tegenvallen. Desalniettemin zal je weer uren verzamelplezier beleven aan Pokémon Ultra Moon.

Sven Rietkerk Nov 17, 2017



Pokemon Ultra Moon oraz Ultra Sun to prawdopodobnie najlepsze części z serii, które wyszły do tej pory - posiadają tonę ciekawych opcji, dobry postgame, ciekawą fabułę i masę Pokemonów do złapania. Dodatkowo, został w nich podniesiony poziom trudności, aby gracze nie narzekali na zbyt łatwą rozgrywkę.

Nikorin Nov 26, 2017