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Robert GrossoOct 04, 2017
Despite these modern hang-ups, the game rightfully takes its place in the annals of gaming history. Pokémon Gold and Silver is a must play for fans and newcomers alike, as the very core of the franchise mechanics still shines through the smaller flaws and archaic game designs. Nostalgia is how Nintendo is marketing Pokémon Gold and Silver, but the strengths of its core design hold up beyond that fleeting nostalgia wave.
Bryan RoseOct 02, 2017
There are signs here that Pokemon Silver doesn’t hold up as well as its later counterparts, but in the end is still a fantastic game. There’s hundreds of hours of gameplay, not just to complete the main story but capturing 250 Pokemon will also take a good chunk of time. It’ll be tough to catch ‘em all due to the aforementioned trade limitations, but regardless there’s lots of things to do in this game. If you can look past some of its more archaic features, Pokemon Silver is not just a great Pokemon game, but a fun RPG to boot.
Kevin TuckerSep 26, 2017
Put simply, it's a must-have for Pokemon fans who live and die by the "catch 'em all" creed; for everyone else, however, it's simply another version of yet-another retro release whose initial massive allure has been dulled throughout nearly two decades. It's a great game in it's own right, but Pokemon Silver (and, presumably, the re-release of Pokemon Gold) very likely won't have enough content to satisfy any of the remaining players who are still unfamiliar with the Pokemon series.
Scott JeslisOct 02, 2017
It is worth noting, that the purchase of either game will unlock a Pokémon within the current series. Nintendo states: “as a bonus for purchasing one of these great games for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, Trainers will get a code that unlocks the Mythical Pokémon Celebi in their Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon game. Or, Trainers can hold on to the code and use it in either of the upcoming Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon games when they launch on Nov. 17.”
Dylan SieglerSep 30, 2017
Pokémon Gold and Silver are great entries in the Pokémon franchise, but I would argue that every main series Pokémon game has been a great entry in the franchise. All of them bring new things to the table and generally improve the series from the previous entries. Does that make Gold and Silver any less great? No. These games have gone down in history as some of the greatest in the franchise and they deserve to be remembered as such.
Justin CelaniOct 06, 2017
I always appreciate when old games are either re-released or brought back to play on the newer consoles. Remakes, when possible, are even better. Here we have two classic entries in the franchise, and for those wanting to take a step back in time and enjoy those fond memories, it’s super easier to give them another shot. For those that never played these before, it’s not necessary as the latest games have the core ideas Silver and Gold showcased years ago, with plenty more added to the new version. Older games can and do get dated, but it’s always nice to see how a long standing franchise evolves, changes, and ultimately how we got to the point we are at today.
Justin SharpSep 29, 2017
It’s really hard to ‘review’ these games because I have a lot of great memories tied to both Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. It’s easy to look back with my nostalgia goggles and see them as incredible games but if you are looking for a great RPG/adventure experience, you can’t miss playing some of the best.
Tomas FranzeseSep 27, 2017
Whether you a series fan that just happened to miss out on this generation, or a casual RPG lover, it’s definitely worth it to venture into Johto on 3DS if you have not done so already in either Pokémon Gold or Pokémon Silver.
Jacob WhritenourSep 28, 2017
Pokémon Gold and Silver were and still are essentially flawless titles. They may not be for everyone, especially those who haven’t played the older titles, but they’re worth revisiting for nostalgia purposes at the very least. Pokémon fans who’ve grown up on Gold and Silver will love to give it another go. If Gold and Silver were perfect back in the day, they’re even better now.
Ryan CraddockSep 28, 2017
Fans of the originals will be pleased to see how faithfully the games have been emulated and newcomers should find enjoyment in playing through what is perhaps the best value-for-money game the series has to offer. The games feel just as good as they did all those years ago and, based on the pure gameplay, would be receiving praise from critics even if they were being released today. Flip that hat around, let out your signature catchphrase, and grab yourself a copy of one of the finest RPGs around.