Pokemon Omega Ruby for Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Omega Ruby

Nov 21, 2014
24th of 614

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Developer: Game Freak
Content Rating: Everyone


In your adventure, you will meet Legendary Pokémon and battle against evil organizations intent on their own aims! Take a journey through the Hoenn region, where two large organizations with opposing aims are locked in struggle: Team Magma and Team Aqua. Team Magma wishes to expand the landmass in the Hoenn region, while Team Aqua seeks to raise the oceans. Their contrary purposes lead them to clash bitterly. In Pokémon Omega Ruby, Team Magma will seize more power to achieve its goals. Team Aqua plays the more prominent role in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. In both versions, you will find yourself drawn into the conflict.

Critic Reviews

43 Reviews
Daniel BischoffNov 26, 2014
In all honesty, I would not buy either of these new Pokémon games given the fact that I’ve yet to finish the previous entries, but it’s impossible not to recommend them for kids or adults looking to push games for their children.
Sam PatersonDec 02, 2014
By combining this new content with the old, Gamefreak have created their most accessible remake yet. Generation three and Pokémon Emerald can step aside; Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is by far and away the definitive Hoenn adventure. It’s not as ground-breaking as Pokémon X and Y, but is nonetheless an impressive reboot of one of the more memorable Pokémon regions.
Griffin McElroyNov 19, 2014
As it stands, your biggest motivation for progressing through Pokémon ORAS is the same as it's always been: To collect and train stronger and stronger Pokémon. Thanks to the multitude of monsters and increasingly complex type-matching strategies, that pursuit is still worthwhile and engaging, despite Pokémon ORAS's baby-steps approach to iteration.

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