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Louis ContaldiSep 12, 2016
In short, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice is as amazing as any other title in the series. Great for newcomers (who should still highly consider picking up the Ace Attorney Trilogy beforehand) and fans of the series alike, Spirit is consistently a pleasure and deserves a spot in your 3DS library.
Jae LeeSep 09, 2016
With improved visuals, new mechanics, and a more intuitive design- Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice already has a lot going for it. Factor in a story filled with intrigue that’s as exciting to watch unfold as the best of what the series has to offer thus far and you’re left with an exceptional visual novel and a return to form for the series as a whole.
Scott SullivanSep 08, 2016
Despite the shortcomings in a few of the later cases, Spirit of Justice stands quite well on its own two feet. A variety of fresh mechanics, some excellent music and writing, and a generally entertaining cast of characters and scenarios help remind us why we fell in love with this bizarre little series back in 2005. There are plans for DLC with this title as well, and admittedly, I was left wanting a bit more, but that’s only because this game left such a positive impact on me.
Bob MackeySep 08, 2016
While Ace Attorney has had its ups and downs since the original trilogy came to a close, Spirit of Justice amounts to the fresh start Phoenix Wright needed to break away from his past. A great setting, fantastic mysteries, memorable characters, and a consistent, thoughtful theme make this a must-play for anyone interested in Ace Attorney's anime-infused take on Law & Order.
James SweetingSep 28, 2016
At this stage, it feels incongruous to state whether or not this is the best Ace Attorney game. A lot of the aspects in the game are nothing new, but whilst there are elements that separate it from its predecessors, there is nothing that instantly makes it significantly better than the rest. In part, this is because the main series has been so continuously strong. Even though there has been an increase in the number of visual novel type games to come to the West, Ace Attorney is still one of the best, and Spirit of Justice does not detract from that.
Jason FanelliSep 09, 2016
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice has some bumps along the road, but there's a twisting and thrilling story worth the occasional struggle.
Dean JamesSep 08, 2016
The Ace Attorney series was definitely once a niche series that found its footing and really ran with it to massive popularity worldwide. The few new mechanics found in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice mesh well with the gameplay that fans of the series love, complete with a very compelling series of episodes that tie together very nicely.
Morgan SleeperSep 08, 2016
Phoenix Wright's latest adventure is every bit as brilliant as his earlier escapades, with phenomenal writing, satisfying gameplay, and tons of irresistibly clever courtroom drama.
Emma SchaeferSep 08, 2016
The Wright Anything Agency is back in action, and this time, it’s an entire country that needs help. With some fresh spins on the investigation formula, abominable name puns, and an increasingly convoluted series of wacky murders, Spirit of Justice is a strong entry in the Ace Attorney series?though perhaps not the best game for a first-time sleuth.
Alex JonesSep 08, 2016
Spirit of Justice strikes right to the core of what makes Ace Attorney games great: bold, dramatic narrative, a ridiculous sense of humour, and outstanding writing. The first truly superb AA game in years.
Steven BogosSep 08, 2016
Spirit of Justice, the sixth game in the Ace Attorney series, is really starting to show some franchise fatigue. The puzzles and the technical systems behind it have improved, but the writing has begun to suffer. Hardcore fans of the series will still enjoy it despite its flaws. Newcomers may want to check out the original Phoenix Wright trilogy on DS, where the series is at its strongest.
Kirstin SwalleySep 08, 2016
The atmosphere, music and overall writing of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice are spot on. While there are a lot of callbacks to previous games, it never feels like they are there just for nostalgic purposes, yet the experience seems reminiscent of the original trilogy in the best of ways.
Alex CulafiSep 08, 2016
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice is the follow-up to Dual Destinies in every single sense. It’s ostensibly that game but with a new, better story, a new gimmicky mechanic, and some fan service to boot. The game is finally starting to show its age fifteen years and ten games later, but the fact that it has taken this long is nothing short of a miracle. And make no mistake: a solid Phoenix Wright game with a strong story is still a game that demands one’s attention.
Elise FavisSep 08, 2016
While Spirit of Justice brings little novelty to the series and relies on a familiar gameplay system, it nonetheless offers a story full of intrigue and puzzles that are satisfying to solve.
Alexa Ray CorrieaSep 08, 2016
Spirit of Justice takes the Ace Attorney series to new heights by treading old ground. The breadth of tools available to crack cases and the wealth of character drama keep you entangled--it's genuinely difficult to put down the 3DS in the middle of case, what with such colorful witnesses and piles of complex lies to sift through. This is courtroom drama--and the series--at its finest and most fun.
Pramath ParijatSep 06, 2016
Spirit of Justice is recommended to just about everybody- series fans will enjoy it, and for newcomers, this game will serve as the best point of entry. About the only people who won‘t enjoy it are those who’re growing tired of the formula, and those who never found the games that appealing to begin with. For everyone else, it’s a worthy addition to the 3DS library.
KimSep 23, 2016
Overacted lines and hammy gestures quickly become repetitive, and I found myself growing tired of the reams of dialogue as a result. Let’s not forget that Phoenix Wright games are visual novels at their core, so the storytelling plays a key role in the overall experience. Unfortunately, it’s the weakest part of the game for me.
Keri HoneaSep 08, 2016
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice is the first game in a long time that I just could not put down. No matter how tired I was, I was determined to get through just the next witness testimony before bed.
Chris CarterSep 08, 2016
Capcom could just keep making these with different time periods in new regions and I'd keep playing them. As long as it employs a good writing crew and delivers satisfying scenarios, I'm in. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice, you made this aspiring lawyer's day.
Janine HawkinsSep 09, 2016
Spirit of Justice's confident story outweighs its clumsy moments...But muddling through the occasional poorly designed riddle to experience all that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice executes on well is worth it in the end. It gets the important things right, even if the occasional clipboard or contract still slips through the cracks.
Nick Gillham Sep 08, 2016
If you’re an Ace Attorney fan then there’s a decent new game here for you to get your teeth into, but don’t expect it to be a step up from what has gone before, while series naysayers definitely shouldn’t expect this to be the game that makes them change their mind.
Adam RileyOct 09, 2016
It might, for better or worse, feel like Apollo Justice 2 to some, but the way the story unfolds over the five cases is magnificent and leaves players - new and old, alike - hungry for much more.
gamesTMNov 14, 2016
There’s a wonderful nugget of a game in Spirit Of Justice. The writing, as always, is gripping and clever – even if the puns aren’t – and the series hasn’t looked this special since the intricate sprite art animations of the first three games. It’s a shame that it’s wrapped up in what feels like nervousness – the worry that a visual novel can’t compete with the big boys.
Oscar TKOct 06, 2016
Ace Attorney is a series that could easily feel fatigued six entries in and with a host of spin-offs, but Spirit of Justice proves that Ace Attorney can still manage to be fresh, exciting, and most importantly tell a great story. If they can keep making games that are this strong, then we're going to keep playing them. Ace Attorney has been around since 2001, but it feels like the series is still just getting started with showing off what it can do.
Simon BrownSep 22, 2016
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice does everything you’d expect from a sequel, and whilst some issues from the past linger you’ll be too engrossed to be bothered. A great instalment for series fans and newcomers alike.
Sergio C. GonzálezSep 08, 2016
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice es posiblemente uno de los tres mejores juegos de la franquicia por el equilibrio logrado entre nostalgia y la forma de resovler los nuevos casos. Es el verdadero sucesor de Trials and Tribulations; el nuevo final incierto de una historia que no deja de sorprendernos. El tratamiento de los personajes está muy bien medido, profundizando más de lo esperado en algunos más secundarios aderezado por un banda sonora para quitarse el sombrero.
Carlos LeivaSep 08, 2016
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice nos ofrece justamente lo que todos los fans de la serie podríamos esperar de él: una historia muy entretenida, intensos juicios, casos tan complicados como enrevesados, personajes carismáticos y muchas dosis de humor. Sin embargo, el ritmo esta vez está peor medido y su desarrollo nos ha resultado algo más irregular.
Sergio MartínSep 09, 2016
Capcom nos trae otra interesante aventura conversacional para Nintendo 3DS protagonizada por un gran Phoenix Wright, muy inspirado, y algunos de sus amigos y compañeros más conocidos. La dinámica de juego habitual basada en la investigación de sucesos y diálogos (en inglés en este caso) sigue inalterable, pero se han confeccionado ciertas adiciones jugables para variar un tanto la dinámica de juego clásica de la saga, siendo ésta precisamente una de sus mayores cualidades.
Mike ReyesSep 08, 2016
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice es una gran juego y una genial entrega para la serie. Aunque éste ofrece muy pocas cosas nuevas y su estructura se sigue manteniendo prácticamente intacta, la fórmula que Capcom forjó para la serie y que implementó para este nuevo capítulo viene a demostrar que ésta sigue siendo divertida, adictiva y dinámica. Visto de otra forma es más de lo mismo, pero eso es algo que los fans estaban esperando.
Rodrigo CortésSep 08, 2016
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, el cual considero un juego único y especial, te enseña lo grandioso que puede ser el género de la novela gráfica y lo entretenido y retador que puede ser pensar más allá de lo que te muestra una pequeña pantalla.
Roberto J. R. AndersonOct 03, 2016
Más allá de las visiones del Divination Séance (que sólo son una pieza más de los puzles), Spirit of Justice no aporta nada nuevo a la fórmula de Ace Attorney. Pero no sólo mantiene la gran calidad de su predecesor Dual Destinies, sino que además nos ofrece una aventura aún más larga y variada. La gran pega sigue siendo la misma que con su mencionado antecesor: llega sólo en formato digital y, lo que es peor, en inglés (en un juego en el que los textos son lo más importante).
Jan WöbbekingSep 14, 2016
Respekt an Capcom: Statt nur zum x-ten Mal ein Standard-Programm abzuspulen, haben sich fast alle Teile des Teams noch einmal richtig ins Zeug gelegt: Derart zauberhaft inszenierte Zwischensequenzen, Schwenks und Animationen hätte ich der Serie gar nicht zugetraut! Schön, dass sie nicht bloßes Eye-Candy bleiben, sondern in die angenehm kniffligen Gerichtsverfahren und Ermittlungen eingebunden wurden.
Ayden_Sep 26, 2016
Si l'on met de côté la pauvre apparition d'Athena et la quatrième affaire, le jeu s'avère passionnant et offre une vraie bouffée d'oxygène entre les jeux de sport et de course du moment. En somme, le palliatif parfait à un bon bouquin sur la table de chevet.
Steeve MambrucchiOct 10, 2016
Un bon cran au-dessus de Dual Destinies, par l'entremise d'un chapitre final qui devrait s'installer sans mal dans les sommets de la série, Spirit of Justice est une franche réussite. On a beau piquer du nez de temps en temps lorsque le sentiment de déjà vu se fait trop présent, Ace Attorney reste cet amour de jeunesse auprès duquel on se sent conforté, respecté, mis en valeur et heureux, tout simplement.
Henrique PereiraOct 12, 2016
Spirit of Justice melhora em diversos aspectos em relação ao antecessor, como em algumas mecânicas de jogabilidade e integração da temática principal na construção dos vários casos. O grande problema é que falta-lhe alma e imprevisibilidade em grande parte do novo conteúdo e numa série que é caracterizada pelas reviravoltas e personagens memoráveis e carismáticas, faltar-lhe parte desta chama é perder um pouco do que a torna especial.
Alessandra MinuzSep 26, 2016
Spirit of Justice riprende tutto quello che caratterizza la serie di Ace Attorney e vi aggiunge giusto il minimo sindacale. Questo significa che si porta dietro tutti i pregi e difetti del caso: nella prima categoria rientrano una struttura di enigmi logici interessante, una colonna sonora magistrale e una sceneggiatura con i fiocchi ricca di personaggi memorabili e situazioni che riescono a rimanere nel cuore del giocatore.
Michele Maria LambertiSep 19, 2016
Spirit of Justice, fatto salvo il maggior coinvolgimento emotivo dato per forza di cose dalla regia sempre più importante, ha le stesse possibilità di tutti gli altri episodi di essere per qualcuno il migliore, per altri il peggiore, ma la distanza tra i due punti è davvero poca cosa. Certo, si potrebbe parlare della presenza dei soliti limiti così come dell'assenza dell'italiano e di una versione pacchettizzata, ma Ace Attorney ormai è questo, e ancora una volta il gioco vale davvero tutta la candela.
Gianluca ArenaSep 20, 2016
Nel complesso, siamo di fronte ad un prodotto di buona fattura, che farà sicuramente la felicità dei fan più appassionati, nonostante l'assenza della lingua italiana.
Александр СадовскийNov 02, 2016
Spirit of Justice – хороший сиквел. Подчистую он уступает, пожалуй, только Trials and Tribulations, но там подводились итоги целой трилогии. И хотя во многом Ace Attorney вторичен, из прежних выпусков он заимствует лучшее. Продолжение же хочется увидеть как можно скорее, а это, пожалуй, самое главное.