Paper Mario: Sticker Star for Nintendo 3DS

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Nov 11, 2012
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The Paper Mario: Sticker Star game is a flat-out epic new adventure, starring the Mushroom Kingdom's most famous hero in an elaborate papercraft world. With the land positively packed full of stickers, Mario™ will collect and use them to fight off baddies, uncover secrets, and more. Fans of the Paper Mario series will discover all new gameplay elements new to the franchise, while newer players will enjoy a craftastic new twist on their favorite Nintendo hero—only for Nintendo 3DS!

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Alex SeedhouseDec 06, 2012
Paper Mario: Sticker Star still has much to applaud, however. An energetic soundtrack matches its distinctly stylised world, with stereoscopic 3D granting intricately layered visuals that showcase the very best of what can be achieved on the handheld.
Bill HessJan 02, 2013
While Paper Mario: Sticker Star probably isn’t the innovation that they are calling for, it’s definitely a more engaging style of Mario game. You’ll need more conviction to finish this title than just grinding through the simplistic offerings of these other games, and it reeks of Mario fan service all the way through. Outside of some puzzling problems with progression, Paper Mario: Sticker Star is a fine addition to the Mario franchise.
Carolyn PetitNov 10, 2012
Thankfully, making your way through stages is otherwise enjoyable. This isn't a platformer, but there's enough leaping on swinging platforms and avoiding deadly hazards to give Sticker Star's gameplay a pleasant Mario feel. Nods to memorable stages from early Mario games pop up from time to time, and the quest keeps you on your toes by throwing you into a number of unexpected situations.

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