Nintendo Badge Arcade for Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Badge Arcade

Nov 10, 2015
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Developer: Nintendo
Content Rating: Everyone


Grab all the Nintendo-themed badges you can in this fun-filled crane-machine game. Then arrange them into a custom HOME Menu theme for your Nintendo 3DS™ system! Unleash your creativity with dozens of digital badges to collect, and match them to themed backgrounds. Start your collection today with this free-to-start download on Nintendo eShop!

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Jim SterlingNov 13, 2015
I remain interested in Nintendo’s F2P endeavors, but this one isn’t even trying. It’s close to Final Fantasy: All The Bravest in terms of providing the absolute minimum amount of “gameplay” in order to act as a dressed up middleman between you and your wallet. It’s not as disgustingly tacky as All The Bravest, but it’s not much better. And the rabbit’s a total prick.
Justin BerubeDec 28, 2015
I'd be lying if I said Nintendo Badge Arcade wasn't addictive; it was clearly designed that way. That said, this is the most disgustingly blatant, money grabbing game Nintendo has ever released.
Lee GarbuttNov 24, 2015
It’s a rather transparent and honest take on free-to-play monitisation, and as long as you’re sensible enough to either abstain from paying any money, or to set yourself a budget, then there’s a little bit of fun here for you.

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