New Super Mario Bros. 2 for Nintendo 3DS

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Aug 19, 2012

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Developer: Nintendo
Content Rating: Everyone


Trouble always seems to find its way to the Mushroom Kingdom! Just as Mario™ and Luigi™ go off on a coin hunt in the sky, their beloved Princess Peach™ is kidnapped by the dastardly Koopalings. The brothers have to venture through over 80 stages to rescue her, grabbing an endless deluge of coins across land, water, air, and snow along the way.

Critic Reviews

14 Reviews
William SchwartzAug 12, 2012
Tight controls, thoughtful level design, and a wealth of variety over the game’s nine worlds are definitely call backs to other popular Mario titles of the past, but once again blend nostalgia with a dose of new that ultimately feels fresh enough to make a bid for your time. Nobody does first party like Nintendo, and the use of 3D in the title is subtlety eloquent.
Tom WorthingtonAug 18, 2012
With little in the way of ‘new’ ideas, New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a solid if a not all too safe entry in the plumber’s repertoire, lacking the spark of imagination and sheer joy conjured up by his 3D Land outing.
Keza MacdonaldAug 03, 2012
The best Mario games reinvent themselves at the same time as paying loving homage to what went before; they take something you know and love and make it feel new all over again. New Super Mario Bros doesn’t do that - but it’s a delightful game while it lasts, and still the best 2D platformer on the 3DS.

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