Mario Tennis Open for Nintendo 3DS

Mario Tennis Open

May 20, 2012

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Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom friends return to the court for a flurry of intense tennis action, from engaging singles and doubles matches to skill-building Special Games and online play. Using the built-in wireless features of the Nintendo 3DS system, up to four people can play together in local* or online** multiplayer modes and exchange player information via StreetPass. Players can choose between intuitive Touch Screen and gyro sensor controls or strategic button-based gameplay that delivers an even deeper experience. Players can also choose from a variety of playable characters or use their own personalized Mii character as they serve, volley and smash their way up the leaderboards.

Critic Reviews

25 Reviews
Griffin McElroyMay 24, 2012
What little content is here doesn't reach the heights that it should. I can't remember the last time an otherwise superb game was betrayed so completely by a single mechanic. Instead of making the whole of Mario Tennis Open about strategically countering your opponent's volleys â?? a system which is fully and brilliantly implemented â?? Camelot has made it an afterthought. It's something you do to stay alive while you wait for the stars to align.
Steve WattsMay 18, 2012
Mario Tennis Open is a game best taken in small doses. Playing tournaments, exhibition games, and the special modes can be great fun for a few matches at a time. Multiplayer helps mix in smarter opponents and a layer of strategy as well. But overdoing it exposes the inherent simplicity and makes the game too redundant. Like its real-life equivalent, too much tennis might just leave players sore to the whole experience.
Brett ZeidlerAug 02, 2012
Mario Tennis Open feels a bit lifeless at first, simply because it doesn't give any other incentive for playing than to keep unlocking things and to just play more tennis. Modes from past entries -- especially the RPG mode from the GameBoy Color Mario Tennis -- are sorely missed. With new minigames like "Super Mario Tennis" and many ways to play, Mario Tennis Open will keep players coming back who just want to play a quick few rounds of tennis, unlock new characters and stages, and buy new clothes for their Mii.

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