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Xander MorningstarOct 11, 2018
It’s not as visually impressive as the GameCube’s version. It’s not really any longer, even with the achievements, Most probably aren’t going to play for every ending. But all that said, it still works well, and I walked away pleasantly surprised. Then again…what ghost up, must come down.
Corey GavazaOct 22, 2018
Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS is a great recreation of the original classic. The entire adventure is here and it’s just as charming and unique as ever. Fans of Luigi’s Mansion who pick this up won’t be disappointed with what they find in this package. However, it should be said that as $39.99 title, you should consider whether or not five or so hours of original gameplay is worth it to you.
Jamie WardOct 26, 2018
It’s just a very good game with the same problems as the original, mainly being the length of the main story. If you missed it back when it was first released and enjoyed the sequel, then I urge you to try this. If you already took a trip to Luigi’s Mansion on the GameCube, then I don’t see any need to revisit it on the 3DS, as you could argue that the original remains the better version.
James O'ConnorOct 11, 2018
Seventeen years after its first release, with one sequel out and another on its way, there's still nothing quite like Luigi's Mansion. Nintendo's strange foray into the paranormal has aged well--I was surprised at how much of it had stuck in my memory, and how good it felt being back in its haunted halls. It's a basic port with a few issues, but Luigi's Mansion still remains a charming and enjoyable game.
Alex EverattOct 19, 2018
Luigi’s Mansion is a must play if you’ve never enjoyed it before. If you still own the GameCube version, there really isn’t enough here to warrant a new purchase unless you need the slightly updated visuals and ability to take it on the road. I personally believe this game, like it’s 2013 sequel, Dark Moon, is better suited for a home console experience – and fortunately, we’ll all be enjoying Luigi’s Mansion 3 on the Nintendo Switch when it launches in 2019.
Kirstin SwalleyOct 17, 2018
Those who still fancy the original GameCube version might not be interested if they can still readily play it, but the addition of the challenging new hidden mansion, ability to challenge bosses and local multiplayer can make it well worthwhile for those wanting to try something new. Luigi’s Mansion is still a great classic and fits in fairly well with all the other wonderful ports on 3DS.
Justin SharpNov 16, 2018
With so many unique ideas, it’s amazing how much Nintendo got right with this imaginative new franchise when it debuted back in 2001. While the controls aren’t the best on the 3DS (a proper second analog stick would do quite nicely), the game still holds plenty of charm.
Ryan MeitzlerOct 31, 2018
Releasing just in time for Halloween, Luigi’s Mansion captures the essence of the season in a delightfully creepy way that will make it enjoyable for younger players, while also giving older players a chance at rediscovering the GameCube cult classic. With Luigi’s Mansion 3 on the way for Nintendo Switch next year, 3DS owners now have the ability to play the series’ first two titles in one place, and even though it has a few blemishes, Luigi’s Mansion is still worth a return trip…just don’t mind some of the residents while you visit.
Brittany VincentOct 28, 2018
If you're too spooked to play alone, there's a co-op mode to play alongside a friend. I was able to test this with a friend to try out exploring the entirety of the mansion, as well as new modes: Portrait Battles and Ghost Training, which worked swimmingly. Note that you do need the full game for an additional player if you want to go through the mansion.
Austin SutherOct 30, 2018
When it comes down to it, Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS is a good port, not a great one. The controls are really my biggest complaint. Other than that, I can really appreciate the effort developer Grezzo put into making everything look good. If you haven’t played Luigi’s Mansion or want to replay an old classic, this is the time to do it. Nintendo’s ghostly spookfest isn’t going to scare your pants off, but it’s perfect at getting you in the Halloween spirit.
Anthony MannNov 01, 2018
Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS is strictly a remake for people who either no longer have a copy of Luigi’s Mansion or have never played it before. To anyone who still has their original Gamecube copy, just play that; the additions are not worth $40. It’s still a great game by all accounts because the design of the game is fun and it is completely playable, but the controls in this version are just awful and with Dark Moon on the same console there’s absolutely no excuse for that.
Dan RoemerOct 29, 2018
Some technical and control issues aside, I still think the 3DS version of Luigi's Mansion is a solid option for newcomers or for people looking to revisit this GameCube classic. Catching various ghosts and completing Professor E. Gadd's gallery is a perfect time burner on the go and Grezzo have done a solid job bringing Luigi's Mansion to the 3DS. I just don't know if I'd prioritize playing the 3DS version over the GameCube version in the future.
Ric CowleyOct 19, 2018
Luigi's Mansion is a truly wonderful game, but the 3DS was the wrong place to port it.
Stefan LOct 24, 2018
Freeing Luigi’s Mansion from the GameCube’s back catalogue, Grezzo’s remake of the game for 3DS is fantastic, going far beyond a simple port. That said, the 3DS isn’t always the best home for the ghostbusting action and the controls feel a bit too slow and awkward when it counts.
Nick Gillham Oct 19, 2018
If you’ve not played a Luigi’s Mansion game before you’re better off going after the cheaper and superior sequel. If you’ve played that but not the original you’ll find more of what you know here, but don’t expect anything better than what you’ve played before. This truly is as close to original version as it could possibly be, gameplay foibles and all.
Reuben MountOct 19, 2018
The controls throughout are mostly solid, and feel pretty good on the game’s new home. The visuals are wonderfully colourful and bright, in spite of the mansion being in almost constant darkness. There’s a decent amount of content here, including a new boss rush mode, even though the main campaign is quite short and can be finished in something close to six hours. In short, Luigi’s Mansion is a fantastic outing for the Green Machine, and worth brushing the dust off your 3DS to play.
GameCentralOct 18, 2018
The price really is far too much for such a simple game with very little replay value. If it was half that we’d feel more comfortable recommending the game, but as it is we’d simply advise seeking out the sequel, if you haven’t already, and just sit back and hope the third game is just as good…
Jordan BiordiOct 22, 2018
Luigi’s Mansion is exactly what it is. If you loved the original on the Gamecube, there’s really no reason not to pick it up, and I could even say that younger gamers who enjoyed Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon should give it a try to see where the series started, but truthfully it’s not really worth owning over its predecessor. It’s a nice dose of nostalgia, and that’s about it.
MeristationOct 31, 2018
Y aunque la traslación no ha sido perfecta -ese control de apuntado, la excesiva iluminación con respecto al original- y claramente palidece si se compara con su secuela, la experiencia sigue siendo divertida. Breve, pero divertida sin duda, con un estupendo 3D y el añadido de novedades que alargan un poquito más la experiencia.
DefaOct 15, 2018
A pesar de lo genial que es tener una versión de Luigi’s Mansion entre nosotros que ahora nos deja por fin jugar en 3D, la realidad es que no encuentro razones verdaderamente pesadas para decirte que salgas ahora mismo a pagar el elevado precio de este título para poder disfrutarlo de nuevo.
Elisabeth LópezOct 17, 2018
Una vez más, Grezzo demuestra que hacer remakes es lo suyo. Puede que no haya estado tan acertado como otras veces, pero la adaptación del clásico de GameCube a 3DS es bastante notable. A pesar de los fallos del sistema de control, sigue siendo igual de divertido y entretenido, incluso un poco más que el juego original gracias a las novedades.
Jesús BellaOct 17, 2018
Sin embargo, ciertos aspectos, como los relativos al control, ritmo de juego y estructura, requerían reformas para adaptar el juego tanto a los tiempos actuales como a las particularidades de 3DS. No ha sido así, pero de cualquier forma es una buena ocasión para descubrir este clásico… o redescubrirlo, dado que han transcurrido ya cantidad de años desde el lanzamiento original de Luigi's Mansion.
Sergio MartínOct 19, 2018
Al igual que sucedía con el título original de GameCube, Luigi's Mansion es una aventura muy entretenida y amena mientras dura. Su jugabilidad es tan simple como atractiva, el control es bastante accesible y posee ese fino sentido del humor que Nintendo suele aportar a sus producciones. Encima esta versión para Nintendo 3DS además ostenta varias innovaciones, destacando la integración del mapa y la puesta al día correspondiente vinculada a su vertiente técnica.
Jose A. RodríguezOct 17, 2018
Luigi's Mansion ha sobrevivido al paso del tiempo con algunos problemas, pero sigue siendo un título divertido, entrañable y con un argumento sorprendentemente intenso para la temática general de que suelen hacer gala los juegos del universo de Nintendo. Técnicamente no es de lo mejor de la máquina y donde realmente cojea es en el control, que no resulta nada intuitivo a la hora de algunos movimientos.
Michael KrostaOct 22, 2018
Daran ändern auch nette Zugaben wie der Team-Modus, die erneuten Kämpfe gegen Gemäldegeister in der Galerie oder moderne Elemente wie Achievement-Trophäen und Amiibo-Einbindung nichts. Trotzdem kann man Luigis Premiere als Geisterjäger immer noch empfehlen – und sei es nur, um die Wartezeit auf das bereits angekündigte Luigi's Mansion 3 zu überbrücken, bei dem der Spuk im nächsten Jahr auf der Switch weitergehen soll.
Benoît BarnyOct 11, 2018
C’est, en revanche, un titre largement recommandable auprès de ceux qui l’avaient manqué à l’époque, et surtout auprès des jeunes joueurs qui devraient apprécier son atmosphère à la fois sombre et légère. Les plusManiabilité adaptée à la 3DSCampagne jouable à deux (avec deux exemplaires)L’effet 3D réussi Les moinsDispensable si l’on a déjà fait l’originalAssez répétitif à la longueDurée de vie très courte
CarnbeeOct 11, 2018
Si graphiquement les papiers peints du manoir ont été judicieusement rénovés, il s’agit pour le reste du titre d’origine dans une version qui tient tout simplement dans la poche. Le mode à deux dédié à cette édition 3DS fait cependant descendre la température à cause de ses restrictions et de ses ralentissements. En solo, le périple reste plaisant grâce à un bon mélange entre dextérité et recherche, d’autant plus que l’effet 3D va décidément très bien à cet univers gentiment torturé.
Thomas PillonOct 11, 2018
Une fois n'est pas coutume, Grezzo accouche avec Luigi's Mansion d'un portage 3DS exemplaire sur le plan technique, et profitant d'une 3D sans faille. Les joueurs de l'épisode original ne devront en revanche pas s'attendre à une avalanche de nouveautés : avec pour seuls bonus un mode co-opératif assez basique et quelques gadgets hérités du second épisode, cette version portable se destine avant tout aux curieux ayant loupé le coche en 2002.
Rodrigo BulhõesNov 09, 2018
Luigi’s Mansion é um jogo bastante fácil e também curto, mesmo que o jogador vá atrás de todos os Boos do jogo, não deve passar de cinco horas de duração, além de ser bastante linear, o que não faz de Luigi's Mansion um jogo mau de maneira nenhuma. Trata-se mesmo de um clássico da Nintendo e um bom começo para quem tem curiosidade de entrar no mundo dos jogos com um tema de terror.
DottorKillexNov 09, 2018
Purtroppo, nel processo di porting non sono andati perduti i problemini del titolo originario (dalla scarsa longevità all’eccessivo backtracking), ai quali si aggiunge una certa macchinosità dei controlli, dovuta però più alle limitazioni della nuova console ospite che ad un lavoro raffazzonato da parte del team di sviluppo. Consigliato, insomma, anche alla luce della penuria di uscite che affligge 3DS negli ultimi mesi, ma non senza qualche piccola riserva.
Mattia RavanelliOct 30, 2018
Questa versione per Nintendo 3DS soffre in particolar modo per l’assenza di un vero stick analogico secondario (a meno di non utilizzare il Pad scorrevole Pro) e in generale ci sono un paio di scelte anacronistiche, ma se si mette in conto qualche dolorino alle mani e qualche arrabbiatura che scivola via molto presto, è ancora impossibile non consigliare di aprire il portone del lugubre maniero.
Kevin de BruinNov 07, 2018
Maar uiteindelijk is Luigi's Mansion 3DS een geslaagde zet die het spel leuk maakt voor nieuwe spelers, maar ook de oudveteranen van de Luigi's Mansion-serie. Met een grote dosis humor, wordt je ondergedompeld in een spelwereld vol maffe geesten. Het spel wordt nooit eng, hooguit zo nu en dan spannend, en geeft je constant het gevoel alsof Luigi deel is geworden van het Ghostbuster-team.
NikorinNov 04, 2018
Co to dużo mówić, Luigi's Mansion to porządny port na Nintendo 3DS. Jeśli graliście już w tę grę na GameCube, to raczej nie macie po co ogrywać jej jeszcze raz (dodatkowe opcje owszem są, ale jest ich niewiele). Jeśli natomiast nigdy nie mieliście takiej okazji, a lubicie lekkie gry logiczne, to może zainteresować was ten naprawdę przyjemny tytuł, w którym chociaż raz nie będziecie musieli ratować księżniczki. Ale za to spotkacie wiele duchów. Naprawdę wiele.