Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for Nintendo 3DS

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Mar 24, 2013
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Developer: Next Level Games
Content Rating: Everyone


The Dark Moon that hangs over Evershade Valley seems to have a calming effect on the ghosts that reside there. For this reason, Professor E. Gadd has been studying the friendly ghosts that are unique to the area. But when the Dark Moon suddenly breaks apart and falls into the valley below, the once-friendly ghosts become hostile, trapping E. Gadd in his bunker! Luigi, who is at home watching TV, gets a big surprise when E. Gadd suddenly shows up on his TV screen and drags Luigi kicking and screaming through the screen into the Evershade Valley!

Critic Reviews

37 Reviews
Daniel NewMay 31, 2013
The 3D effect is also well used, giving solidity to the environments and depth to the ghostly spectres. And as with the first game, the sound design is truly excellent. Add in a simple but fun multiplayer component and Luigi’s Mansion 2 is another game to add to an increasingly impressive list of top-tier 3DS titles.
Jason JasickiMar 25, 2013
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is a long overdue sequel that delivers on what players of the first game were wanting, namely more ghost busting action starring Luigi. The presentation is wonderful and the attention to detail creates a game that has a charm and feel all its own. The controls are a little confusing at times but if you can get over them you’ll discover a fun game.
Tim TuriMar 21, 2013
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is an endearing sequel that refines the original game’s formula in the best ways. Even the occasional déjà vu moments can’t hold the experience back entirely. The rich presentation (especially on the 3DS XL) and contained mission structure make it a perfect addition to the 3DS library. Whether you played the GameCube original or not, this Nintendo game is worth a look.

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