Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for Nintendo 3DS

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Mar 24, 2013

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Developer: Next Level Games
Content Rating: Everyone


The Dark Moon that hangs over Evershade Valley seems to have a calming effect on the ghosts that reside there. For this reason, Professor E. Gadd has been studying the friendly ghosts that are unique to the area. But when the Dark Moon suddenly breaks apart and falls into the valley below, the once-friendly ghosts become hostile, trapping E. Gadd in his bunker! Luigi, who is at home watching TV, gets a big surprise when E. Gadd suddenly shows up on his TV screen and drags Luigi kicking and screaming through the screen into the Evershade Valley!

Critic Reviews

37 Reviews
Richard MitchellMar 21, 2013
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is a bit like Luigi himself: charming, goofy and utterly affable. The core mechanic of catching ghosts is solid and exciting, and the environments are absolutely worth seeing and exploring. It's got heart, but after trudging through all five of its locales, you may wind up feeling a little like a bedraggled, battle-worn ghostbuster yourself.
Henry GilbertMar 21, 2013
Like a trip through a carnival funhouse, the thrills of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon may be simple, but they’re exciting nonetheless. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take another 12 years before we can get back into the ghostbusting game.
Becky CunninghamMar 22, 2013
Though the main game isn't incredibly long, there are collectables, bonus levels to unlock, and multiplayer modes.

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