Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven for Nintendo 3DS

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven

Jun 2, 2015
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Developer: Marvelous Inc.
Content Rating: Teen


Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven is a brand new strategy RPG adventure set on a colorful island in the tropics. Bestowed with a mysterious bracelet called the Lachryma, Luchs is fated to trade in his days of peaceful inn keeping for chaotic combat as he reunites seven compelling heroines and pieces together their mysterious pasts. The unique strategy battle system encourages players to line up their attacks in order to bowl over the frontline enemies into others, causing collateral damage.

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Morgan SleeperJul 17, 2015
True to its innkeeper's oath, Lord of Magna treats you like family. This is a kind, warmhearted game that welcomes you with fun characters, unique combat, and a wonderfully inviting watercolour world. It's not without issues - pacing problems and a pervading sense of repetitiveness in particular - but hey, it's easy to forgive family. If you're an RPG fan looking for a quietly charming tale to tuck into, you'll have a great time in Maiden Heaven.
Josh TorresJun 06, 2015
Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven is an enjoyable RPG experience that will run players approximately 15-20 hours on their first playthrough. Subsequent playthroughs are naturally much shorter with the option to fast-foward scenes. A New Game+ system lets players transfer the levels of two characters, five items, all of a player's money, and all HEART Event progression. There are a lot of interesting ideas packed into this small game, but it felt restrictive and left me wanting more out of it. The more it showed off of what it could have delved into, it was all but over already.
Chris CarterJun 02, 2015
I enjoyed my time with Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven, despite the fact that it felt a tad unfinished at times. The combat system is fast-paced, the cast is likable, and the animation style looks excellent on Nintendo's newest portable. If you curb your expectations a bit, strategy-oriented JRPG fans will find a charming little flawed adventure in Magna.