Legna Tactica for Nintendo 3DS

Legna Tactica

Feb 2, 2017
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In the lands of Feyzum, where the Kingdom of Legna is drawn into the chaos of battle against the Empire of Izmoot, Leck and his friends Miana and Astar are engaged in field training as trainee soldiers. Suddenly, it is decided that they will accompany the Hero of the Kingdom of Legna, General Varrius, and the Azure Hawk Brigade which he leads, on a mission to suppress the bandits. However, they know nothing of the inescapable destiny that awaits them... Legna Tactica is a full-scale strategy RPG with an orthodox system where players can choose party members to join turn-based tactical battles on isometric grid. Not only the game features multiple endings based on the player choices during the story, but also titles to achieve and engaging skill tree system to customize characters as you like! It is time to witness the fate of the lands of Feyzum!

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Morgan SleeperFeb 28, 2017
Legna Tactica is a thoroughly middle-of-the-road experience; a serviceable clone of classics that fails to impress or distinguish itself beyond its influences. The SRPG gameplay at its heart is engaging and decently diverting, but bland characters, subpar writing, and a modest (perhaps slightly disappointing) presentation make it a tough recommendation in light of its company — if you're looking for a Final Fantasy Tactics clone, Mercenaries Saga 2 and 3 both fulfill the same role with more polish and a lower price tag.
Renan FontesFeb 03, 2017
Legna Tactica's biggest flaw is that it simply cannot compare to the 3DS' already strong strategy library. The combat lacks the depth of Fire Emblem, the story doesn't hold a candle to Devil Survivor, and the price is much higher than either Mercenaries Saga title, despite being similarly generic. The actual campaign is tedious and the maps are reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics in the worst ways possible.
João DuarteApr 17, 2017
Legna Tactica é um jogo competente que executa razoavelmente bem os conceitos do seu género. Infelizmente nunca chega a um nível de qualidade suficientemente notável para motivar alguém a adquiri-lo ou continuar a jogá-lo, especialmente para os maiores fãs de RPGs de estratégia.

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