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Jim SterlingMar 19, 2012
Kid Icarus: Uprising is equal parts tremendous and terrible, with a fine line clearly separating the two distinct territories. Unfortunately, since each stage ends on a sour note, the overall emotion one gains is that of bitter disappointment. It's a game that repeatedly starts strong and ends despicably, and as much as I want to adore it, I ended every session cursing its name.
Jeff CorkMar 19, 2012
Kid Icarus: Uprising is a series of good ideas that ultimately suffer from its poor controls. There’s a lot to do in the game, and more importantly, I felt compelled to do all of it. As the credits rolled I looked back fondly at the experience, as my hand throbbed along with the music. I’m looking forward to doing more with Pit in the future, just not like this.
Alex SeedhouseMar 19, 2012
As a whole, Kid Icarus: Uprising is a joy to behold from start to finish, marred only by a lacklustre control scheme that serves to derail the experience for those that don’t tweak options to suit. Bittersweet is the fact that with dual Circle Pad support, this could’ve delivered another slice of handheld perfection.
Henry GilbertAug 07, 2012
More than anything, Kid Icarus: Uprising's dense replay value comes from its inventive approach to difficulty. You can’t lose at Uprising, but you'll never gain all the glory unless you up the Intensity. You bet hearts (the in-game currency) at the start of each chapter, risking more based on how high you set the bar.
Chris SchillingMar 23, 2012
A triumphant return for a forgotten hero; a dazzling, silly, beautiful adventure that mostly, but never completely, overcomes its control woes.
Game TrailersMar 23, 2012
Kid Icarus: Uprising stumbles a bit due to its uncompromising control scheme that puts just a few too many hurdles in the way of your enjoyment.
JC FletcherMar 23, 2012
I already know reactions to this game will be polarized, and it basically comes down to whether people can get used to those (again, admittedly) uncomfortable controls. And I feel a little embarrassed, exposed even, to see myself on the positive side of that divide. But I can't help but be glad I stuck it out through the overlong adjustment period. The upbeat, funny, deep action game that comes after is totally worth the investment.
Jodie SmithApr 12, 2012
The multiplayer is enjoyable, gives you practice, and lets you gain weapons you can actually use in the singleplayer game, but it'll probably be something you check out after you've finished with the singleplayer. Kid Icarus: Uprising is a fun game with endearingly cheesy dialogue and characters, but the setup of the levels can get a little monotonous. If you're looking for a new 3DS gameKid Icarus: Uprising is definitely worth a try.
Richard GeorgeMar 23, 2012
Kid Icarus Uprising is a fantastic game full of superb action, stunning graphics and art design, incredible music (truly some of Nintendo's best), humorous dialogue and solid gameplay. Despite that, it suffers from an equal number of problems, including some very frustrating and awkward controls, a fairly repetitive level structure, characters that talk too much and action that sometimes overwhelms the 3DS's relatively small screen.
Griffin McElroyMar 25, 2012
And there have been so many next times. I cannot stop diving back into Kid Icarus: Uprising's levels, pushing the intensity to irresponsible extremes to bolster my haul. It's partially because of my own need to attain statistical perfection in games that allow me to do so. More than that, though, it's because I'm in love with what's become of the Kid Icarus franchise.
IpponMar 23, 2012
Overall, Kid Icarus: Uprising for the 3DS is a fun, entertaining game with plenty to offer in terms of variety and replay value. It is a visually stunning game and the sound is top notch as the dialogue is easily one of the more comical highlights of the game. While the game’s controls could have been refined a little, the fact remains Kid Icarus: Uprising for the 3DS is an excellent game that 3DS owners can purchase with confidence.
Daniel BischoffMar 19, 2012
Truly, Kid Icarus is the second-best Nintendo 3DS title available for the handheld, second only to Mario himself. As a Nintendo title, it's everything you could want from the publisher, despite the fact that the controls leave something to be desired and the multiplayer will not satisfy all comers.
Sean EngemannMar 26, 2012
It's hard to find much to complain about in Kid Icarus: Uprising. The game looks and sounds very good, but the pixels are extremely noticeable and the music score, while rekindling some classic themes, lacks a certain epic quality. However, with so much packed into this highly touted adventure, the cartridge's forty-dollar price point will no doubt be deemed money well-spent.
Edge StaffMar 23, 2012
Kid Icarus is back, then, and it turns out we did miss him. With Uprising, those Internet petitioners finally have something they can be proud of.
Ashton RazeMar 23, 2012
There's still the occasional maneuverability foible, but once you get to grips with a control scheme that suits you, these are few and far between. It's one of the best-looking 3DS games to date, with some fantastic 3D visuals that are used particularly well to convey depth in the flight sequences. Endearing, enjoyable, and brimming with content, Kid Icarus: Uprising is a loving homage to Nintendo's heritage.
Thomas WhiteheadMar 19, 2012
Kid Icarus: Uprising is one of the most attractive, exhilarating, entertaining and outrageously fun titles so far on 3DS. While Mario has recently brought his style of gaming bliss to the handheld, Uprising provides a substantial amount of content, its own brand of adrenaline pumping set pieces and wonderful humour. It sweeps you along at breakneck speed, and is a must-have title for that very reason.
Simon ParkinMar 19, 2012
Kid Icarus: Uprising is a strong, pretty game turned into an essential one by way of its surrounding infrastructure. Its weave of systems hauls you back in to replay stages time after time; the sense of progress and acquisition is a powerful, irresistible loop.
VGChartz StaffMar 25, 2012
It feels as though, since fans had to wait over twenty years for a Kid Icarus game, Project Sora have made a game with over twenty years' worth of fun to make up for the wait. The learning curve of the controls aside, this game is a pure gem. It has set the bar for visuals, sound, and content, not just for Nintendo but for any 3DS title. In my opinion, it's not just worth owning, it's worth buying the system for. Games like this are why I game.
Tom WorthingtonMar 19, 2012
A few niggling issues stop Uprising from being a heavenly experience, but for a star who's spent over two decades out of the spotlight, Pit's return is nothing short of a triumph
Steve HogartyMar 19, 2012
Nintendo's toonish cherub comes good. A hardcore, content-packed 3DS game
Phil BrownMar 20, 2012
It’s almost as if the game was initially designed for the Wiimote/nunchuck set up before being awkwardly transferred over to the 3DS at the last minute. Still, despite those undeniable problems, Kid Icarus Uprising is one hell of a good time and easily one of the top titles available for a 3DS. It’s still a few tweaks away from masterpiece status, but hey that’s what sequels are for. If you own a 3DS, run to the store shoving the elderly and children out of your way to get a copy. This game is worth the hand cramps.
Adam GoodallApr 24, 2012
It's merely a blemish on what is one of the funniest, most enjoyable, most challenging games to ever come out for a Nintendo console. Sakurai has done the impossible - resurrected a franchise long thought dead, given it some fresh new kicks and produced something glorious. Irreverent, self-referential comedy has rarely fit a Nintendo game so snugly.
Enrique GarcíaMar 19, 2012
Gráficamente ajustado a la consola, con un 3D depurado y que marca la diferencia y una jugabilidad dotada de rapidez, frenetismo y sencillez a la vez, Kid Icarus Uprising es lo que todos esperábamos. El sistema de control con el soporte es cómodo y funciona. Sin soporte, la experiencia de juego se resiente. No pasan los años ante este acertado renacer de la saga.
Jesús BellaMar 20, 2012
Kid Icarus Uprising es actualmente uno de los títulos más sorprendentes y completos de Nintendo 3DS, un mitológico regreso en el que Sakurai sube al Olimpo gracias a su enfermiza obsesión por el detalle, siempre al servicio de los fans y usuarios más “hardcores”. Sora Ltd. nos coloca las alas en un cartucho con cantidad de horas de diversión, infinidad de secretos y, sobre todo, pasión por el arte de la programación de videojuegos.
Xavi RoblesMar 24, 2012
Su jugabilidad, en cambio, es muy convencional, de hack and slash rápido y ágil, sin más, pero que se ve ligeramente empañada por un sistema de control demasiado frustrante. Es un juego que disfrutarán sobre todo los hardcores, y especialmente aquellos que le echen horas y ganas.
Thomas NickelMar 27, 2012
Trotzdem sind das Beschwerden auf hohem Niveau. Mit Kid Icarus: Uprising bringen Nintendo und Sora trotz des Rückgriffs auf das alte NES-Abenteuer ihre bisher eigenständigste 3DS-Exklusiventwicklung auf den Markt und zeigen wieder einmal eindrucksvoll, was das Handheld so alles auf dem Kasten hat.
Paul KautzMar 12, 2012
Ich wünschte, ich könnte Kid Icarus mehr lieben. Ich wünschte es wirklich. Alle Zutaten sind da. Kid Icarus ist in seinem Herzen ein wundervolles Spiel, das sehr viel Liebe zu geben hat und in vielfacher Hinsicht sehr motivierend ist. Aber die missratene Kontrolle ruiniert einen großen Teil der Faszination für mich.
RomendilMar 21, 2012
Trépidant, intense et mouvementé, le périple de l'ange archer se laisse savourer avec panache et offre une expérience inoubliable en solo et en multijoueur. Accessible à tous, le soft offre un challenge entièrement modulable et marque d'une pierre blanche le retour d'un héros cher à bien des joueurs.
Laurely BirbaMar 22, 2012
La réalisation est fabuleuse, la B.O. envoûtante, le multijoueur jouissif et les nombreux trésors à dénicher confèrent à Kid Icarus Uprising une durée de vie titanesque. Enfin, s'il est à mettre dans les mains de n'importe quel néophyte pour lui apprendre la vie, Kid Icarus Uprising est également un cadeau du ciel pour les connaisseurs, grâce à ses coeurs qui permettent de régler le niveau de difficulté de façon intelligente. Un must have, t'entends ?
João TavaresApr 16, 2012
Kid Icarus teve finalmente a sua continuação numa obra que frui de carácter e qualidade. A Nintendo foi capaz de demonstrar o seu enorme respeito pela série, e o empenho investido no grafismo e som de Uprising é apenas a superfície de um título que vos trará muitas horas de diversão pura, seja a solo ou online. Os fãs de longa data ficarão agradados, e os estreantes convertidos à causa.
Jorge LoureiroMar 31, 2012
Ao mesmo tempo, consegue ser um jogo hardcore com muito para oferecer e uma jogabilidade profunda ainda que bastante simplista. Kid Icarus Uprising é um dos melhores companheiros de bolso que podem encontrar para a 3DS e que se adapta para qualquer ocasião, quer estejam a jogar em casa ou na rua.
Daniele CucchiarelliMar 23, 2012
Detto questo, quel che vi troverete di fronte acquistando Kid Icarus: Uprising è sicuramente una delle produzioni più ricche e ispirate che il Nintendo 3DS abbia testimoniato nella sua ancor giovane vita. Se volete un titolo che valga i soldi che costa, questo è sicuramente uno dei migliori.
Rox van der HelmApr 01, 2012
Is Kid Icarus: Uprising het lange wachten waard geweest? Absoluut. De game draagt een eigen ziel en het is een toffe game om te spelen. De mix tussen lucht- en grondaanvallen is gebalanceerd en de actie ziet er smaakmakend uit op de 3DS.
Jonas MäkiMar 20, 2012
Kid Icarus: Uprising är kort sagt en riktig höjdare. Det här är Nintendo-magi när den är som bäst. Det är lekfullt, roligt och lika väl anpassat för både nybörjare och de absolut skickligaste superjapanerna som existerar på vår planet. Dessutom är det perfekt anpassat för bärbart spelande där man snabbt kan ta upp, spela en favoritbana, låsa upp lite nya grejer och sedan vara klar.