Kid Icarus: Uprising for Nintendo 3DS

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Mar 23, 2012

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Developer: Nintendo
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Medusa has been resurrected and is gathering the underworld forces of darkness to fulfill her ambition. You play as an angel named Pit who is bestowed the power of flight from Palutena, the Goddess of Light. Repel the Medusa's underworld army with your choice of an array of weapons like: Blades, Claws, Bow, Cannon, Mace, Staff and others that you will discover along your journey. Multiplayer mode allows for competitive gameplay locally or over a wireless Internet connection. Its time for Medusa to meet the power of light and only you can guide Pit to victory!The game comes packed with a black stand for use with your 3DS console.

Critic Reviews

34 Reviews
Sean EngemannMar 26, 2012
It's hard to find much to complain about in Kid Icarus: Uprising. The game looks and sounds very good, but the pixels are extremely noticeable and the music score, while rekindling some classic themes, lacks a certain epic quality. However, with so much packed into this highly touted adventure, the cartridge's forty-dollar price point will no doubt be deemed money well-spent.
Jim SterlingMar 19, 2012
Kid Icarus: Uprising is equal parts tremendous and terrible, with a fine line clearly separating the two distinct territories. Unfortunately, since each stage ends on a sour note, the overall emotion one gains is that of bitter disappointment. It's a game that repeatedly starts strong and ends despicably, and as much as I want to adore it, I ended every session cursing its name.
Alex SeedhouseMar 19, 2012
As a whole, Kid Icarus: Uprising is a joy to behold from start to finish, marred only by a lacklustre control scheme that serves to derail the experience for those that don’t tweak options to suit. Bittersweet is the fact that with dual Circle Pad support, this could’ve delivered another slice of handheld perfection.

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