Harvest Moon: A New Beginning for Nintendo 3DS

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

Nov 6, 2012
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Developer: Marvelous Inc.
Content Rating: Everyone


Once a thriving town, Echo Village is almost empty after the inhabitants lost everything in a poor economy.
Your parents recently offered you a chance to renovate the abandoned family farm, but reviving a successful ranch requires rebuilding the town. Can you find the materials and blueprints that allow you to create the best community in the land?

Critic Reviews

12 Reviews
Lucas M. ThomasNov 01, 2012
I didn't have much hope for Harvest Moon: A New Beginning going in, as I suspected it'd just be another of the franchise's annual revisits to the same old series staples. The same tried-and-true fundamentals.
Ron DelVillanoMay 21, 2013
Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is a successful attempt to breathe new life into an ageing series. Taking players back to the basics that made Harvest Moon so charming in the first place, this one serves to combine the best of the series into a game that no fan should pass up.
Alex SeedhouseNov 04, 2013
It’s an undoubted shame, diminishing from the clear successes that have been achieved here. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning delivers precisely what its subtitle suggests, even if there’s still evidently work to be done.

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