Gunman Clive 2 for Nintendo 3DS

Gunman Clive 2

Jan 29, 2015

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About this game

Developer: Bertil Hörberg
Content Rating: Teen


After successfully rescuing Mayor Johnson's daughter, Gunman Clive returns to again find his home town under attack by bandits. To stop them once and for all, he must chase after their leader; an adventure that takes him all the way around the world. This follow up to the 2012 indie hit retains the same classic gameplay formula, but dials the action up a notch further and adds many new features and improvements.

Critic Reviews

13 Reviews
Thomas WhiteheadJan 29, 2015
Gunman Clive 2 successfully avoids the pitfalls that can befall sequels; it offers fresh ideas along with familiar excellence, and provides a notable improvement over its predecessor. Its stylish action platforming - along with dabbles in other approaches - combines with distinguished audio-visual presentation to deliver another gem for the 3DS eShop. We recommend it as a must buy for fans of action platformers, especially those that enjoy retro nods and winks with their modern day experiences - this one's a straight shooter.
Kyle HilliardFeb 05, 2015
Gunman Clive 2 has an undeniable old-school sensibility missing from the glut of new-age nostalgia-fueled independent titles. It doesn’t waste energy building a consistent world – if something seems like it would be cool, it gets thrown at the wall and sticks regardless of whether cowboys really interacted with dinosaurs. I
Chris CarterJan 30, 2015
While the thematic elements are fresh at all times within the confines of the game, it doesn't really go far enough with most of its concepts. It's always fun, but never mind-blowing. What is upgraded is the visual style and subtle 3D, which are much more colorful this time around. I also didn't encounter any glitches in Clive 2, which the original game had a few minor problems with.

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