Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia for Nintendo 3DS

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

May 19, 2017
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Content Rating: Teen


In a continent that was torn asunder by warring gods, guide two armies through brutal tactical battles—as this reimagined RPG epic invades the West! Uncover the intertwining stories of Alm and Celica, engage foes, fend off dragons, and explore 3D dungeons. Your prowess will grow as you master this melding of modern and legacy Fire Emblem™ gameplay. Alm and Celica lead separate armies united by a common goal: to stop the war and unify Valentia. Each army has its own path, units, and supplies, so balance their needs. Here, battle is waged in the traditions of elder Fire Emblem™ games, when the rules of battle were simpler, yet the challenge formidable as ever. When you encounter a dungeon, explore it in action-adventure style: smash false walls, break pots, or ambush enemies with a slash of your sword. You never know; you may stumble upon some uncommon items…or a hidden tactical battle with a brutal boss.

Critic Reviews

46 Reviews
Allegra FrankMay 18, 2017
But these breathers come to feel all too brief over the course of Shadows of Valentia. Make no mistake: This is a game about sitting through cutscenes and playing battles. That gets tiring more quickly than a better-balanced game would — especially because Shadows of Valentia is committed to preserving those same dated systems. Its story was gripping enough to pull me through, but mustering the energy to sit through obtuse battles was Shadows of Valentia’s biggest challenge.
Bryan RoseMay 16, 2017
Fire Emblem Echoes changes enough to make you play the game differently while retaining most of the key aspects of what makes the series so great. The characters and story all connect well, the presentation is top notch and most importantly, the game is still very fun to play. While Awakening and Fates feel like more fleshed out experiences, Echoes bucks Gaiden’s legacy of being the black sheep of the series by not only providing the solid Fire Emblem experience that has resonated with me for so long, but also providing a new, interesting way to play the game.
Chris SchillingMay 16, 2017
Far from the quick-and-dirty update it might have been, Shadows of Valentia is no Awakening, but an enlightening and worthwhile history lesson.


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