Final Fantasy Explorers for Nintendo 3DS

Final Fantasy Explorers

Jan 26, 2016
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About this game

Developer: Square Enix
Content Rating: Everyone10+


The world is on the brink of war over its reserves of crystals, the planet's chief source of power. Players must band together to form an elite squad of Explorers on an island rich in crystals, braving hordes of monsters in hopes of conquering a newly discovered Grand Crystal - every Explorer's dream.

Critic Reviews

40 Reviews
Spencer CampbellJan 27, 2016
Final Fantasy Explorers failed at what it set out to do, which is something I’ve admittedly tolerated from other games in the series. Final Fantasy XIII’s clunky combat system, for example, made for an unpleasant playthrough, but at least it was attempting to impress. Explorers falls short because it’s afraid to step outside of its own simple trappings and is an exceedingly average game as a result.
Meghan SullivanJan 25, 2016
For a few hours at least, Final Fantasy Explorers is a charming little adventure that’s fun to play alone with your monster buddies or with real-life friends. But repetitive quests, the lack of a serious challenge until late in the story and a poor travel system eventually broke the charm spell that Explorers had cast upon me.
Jae LeeFeb 04, 2016
The room search function was also quite limited, as I couldn’t even search with the parameter of something simple like “has not started mission yet”. Despite these flaws, Final Fantasy Explorers offers a good time with friends taking on iconic enemies from the FF universe- just don’t expect much of a challenge.


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