Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

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Trevor GouldJul 26, 2018
I just wonder what is next… a port of Super Mario 3D World, or an Odyssey-filled Treasure Tracker sequel? In any case, nearly four years later I still find myself “ready for adventure”! If you missed this game on Wii U (and far too many did) don’t let it pass you by again. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is great on any Nintendo system. Don’t take my word for it, try the demo for yourself.
Chris ScullionJul 11, 2018
If you own a Switch then there’s no real decision to be made here: Captain Toad is still far and away better on Nintendo’s latest system. That’s not to say the 3DS version is a write-off, though, because that’s far from the case. As seemingly one of the final few big-name releases for the system, Captain Toad pushes it to its limits to produce easily one of the best-looking 3DS games ever made.
Joe SkrebelsJul 11, 2018
Treasure Tracker still feels close to unique, and gains new life on both of Nintendo’s current systems. Switch is very much the better choice, but 3DS is by no means a bad option. Still smart, prettier than ever and, in retrospect, genuinely important as part of Nintendo’s modern history, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a rare example of a game that actually feels better for being a few years old.
Daan KoopmanJul 11, 2018
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker remains the fun game it was before, though there is no need to play it twice. Most of the original content is present in this release with the Odyssey content being the exception. The sheer variety of puzzles and fun gameplay mechanics deserve to be experienced at the very least. It doesn't really matter if you do that on Nintendo 3DS or Switch as both run quite excellent.
Lex FirthJul 11, 2018
It may not be the ultimate version of the game, but a smaller screen doesn't obscure the genius behind Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker's meticulously-designed, charm-packed puzzles. It's an astonishing feat to have fully translated this complex console game to a handheld with all the bells and whistles intact, and despite a handful of technical shortcomings, it's still just as adorable and joyous as it was three years ago.
Nick Gillham Jul 11, 2018
The best part is that this is a great game to play on the go, the levels are short enough to crack out a couple on a short commute or loads on a long one, and they’re packed with extra challenges that take little time to accomplish as well. Yes there are some problems with the transition from machine to machine(s), but this is still a very welcome return of this brand of puzzle-action. I really hope that people do support this re-release because it might give Nintendo that push to make a sequel and that would be very welcome indeed.
DefaJul 13, 2018
Cualquiera que sea la determinación que tomes, es justo decir que el ya de por sí robusto catálogo del Nintendo Switch, se refuerza de manera importante con este estreno. Ni qué decir del 3DS que por más que la lógica diga que su tiempo de vida ha terminado, éste aferra a seguir siendo relevante con nuevos juegos de altísima calidad.
Elisabeth LópezJul 11, 2018
El Capitán Toad regresa con su primera aventura protagonizada en solitario para Wii U con una versión para 3DS que, aunque gráficamente sufra notablemente, demuestra que sigue siendo una magnífica propuesta de plataformas y puzles.
Jorge CanoJul 11, 2018
Captain Toad es otra de esas joyitas del catálogo de Wii U que no encantan que tengan una segunda oportunidad, siendo realmente recomendable si te gustan los puzles con plataformas y los juegos sencillos y no demasiado desafiantes, pero que aun así te enganchan y derrochan alegría y encanto por los cuatro costados.
Adil KanalJul 25, 2018
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker hat auf der Nintendo Switch sein ideales Zuhause gefunden. Die kurzen Levels eignen sich bestens für das “Play anywhere”-Prinzip der Hybridkonsole und inhaltlich ist das Spiel genauso prall gefüllt wie der Rucksack des Pilzkopfs. Die fehlenden Rätsel der WiiU-Version sind zwar ein kleiner Wermutstropfen und der “Koop”-Modus lässt zu wünschen übrig, aber im Angesicht des knuffigen kleinen, Toads kann man dem Spiel sowieso nicht böse sein.
Diogo CaeiroAug 18, 2018
Mantendo tudo o que fez Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker uma experiência tão refrescante na Wii U e mais recentemente na Switch, tudo nesta versão é tão fiel e divertido como nas suas versões antecessoras. Fazendo apenas sacríficios na sua componente técnica, o efeito 3D que esta versão oferece é mais que argumento suficiente para a viabilizar como uma alternativa ao lançamento original.
Александр БашкировJul 11, 2018
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker была бы очень и очень достойной игрой, если бы заканчивалась титрами и кривовато приколоченной к экрану деревянной надписью The End. Но это только первый, самый легкий и короткий эпизод, тут же открывается второй, с новым сюжетом. Впереди ждут десятки головоломных приключений повышенной сложности. Когда вы наиграли на превзошедшее себя инди или средний корпоративный тайтл, и вдруг перед вами распахивается целый новый горизонт с ПО-НАСТОЯЩЕМУ трудными и креативными пазлами… это чувство тоже можно испытать только в first party-играх Nintendo.
Sander NoordijkJul 20, 2018
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker op 3DS is dezelfde heerlijk laagdrempelige puzzelgame die het op de Wii U was. Uiteraard heeft de downgrade naar de veel minder krachtige handheld wat gevolgen gehad voor de graphics en framerate. De drang om de game op het 3D-scherm weer te geven - terwijl dit weinig toevoegt en lastig is voor de ogen als op het onderste scherm hetzelfde in 2D wordt weergegeven - voelt wat geforceerd.
Kevin de BruinJul 11, 2018
Maar uiteindelijk speel je toch wel. Wie kan namelijk dit spel niet spelen zonder langzaam te voelen dat hij wegsmelt van die pure schattigheid die die maffe paddestoelen je bieden. Zelfs nu de charmes er op de 3DS toch wat minder afspatten dan op de Wii U en Switch, blijft het gaaf om te zien dat de paddestoelen Toad en Toadette meer in hun mars hebben dan er maar wat bij te hangen in Mario Party of één van de sportspellen.