Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

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Trevor GouldDec 22, 2017
The writing is captivating, and the visual updates appreciated. It’s satisfying to finish, yet I was also a bit sad to see the credits roll. It’s made me want to revisit other games in the series. The 3DS had a great 2017, and if you’re a series fan, Apollo Justice is up there with the best releases of the past year. Now, how about bringing Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (just released on mobile) to Nintendo’s handheld?
Kirstin SwalleyNov 21, 2017
By bringing Apollo Justice to 3DS, every main title in the Ace Attorney series is now readily available to fans looking to dive into court cases on the handheld. Upgraded audio and visuals make this more beautiful than ever, even trumping the work done on the original trilogy’s remake for 3DS.
Ron DelVillanoDec 12, 2017
This rerelease of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is an interesting one because it doesn’t really do anything that we didn’t see when it originally came out 10 years ago, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Rather than of a rebuilt game with shiny bells and whistles that clutter up the core experience, we’re instead treaded to a faithful rendition with updated visuals for a modern console generation.
Alex SeedhouseDec 11, 2017
For those that have yet to witness his early career, it is still hard to deny that the return of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on Nintendo 3DS is the perfect chance to experience it for the first time. It’s slightly more expensive than Capcom’s port to smart devices, but, stylus in hand, there’s no better way to defend those in need.
Jae LeeNov 28, 2017
Apollo Justice for the 3DS isn’t leaps and bounds better than the original with only a handful of meaningful updates to justify its re-release, but it stands as the definitive way to experience the classic misadventures of Apollo and Trucy.
Andrew BrownDec 05, 2017
If you haven’t played this game since the original DS version launched back in 2007 or never experienced the game to begin with, this is the perfect opportunity to pick up an essential chapter in a beloved franchise. If you’ve never played any Ace Attorney games before at all, Hold It!! What are you doing reading this review? Go pick up the Phoenix Wright trilogy on the eShop first, and then we’ll talk.
Judi AzmandNov 29, 2017
Overall, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney still cleverly presents itself as one of the most memorable adventures to reside in the Ace Attorney series. Having it available on the 3DS allows returning fans as well as new players to experience the series at its best in this day and age. While nothing revolutionary is present, it simply retouches the visuals, audio, and added features that will help players experience the game in a way similar to its original launch.
Cody PerezNov 21, 2017
However, for those that have never tried this fourth Ace Attorney game, there is no reason not to pick up Apollo Justice. The riveting story is much more serious and emotional, the cases will shock and surprise you, and the soundtrack and cast of characters new and old are absolutely unforgettable.
Nick Gillham Nov 29, 2017
Apollo Justice just reminds me of Metal Gear Solid 2, a great series, wrested away from a loved protagonist for an unlikable child. I don’t want to sound too down about the game because I love the series. Even this entry despite all its missteps has it’s place. The thing is, as I said earlier, it’s easily the weakest of the Ace Attorney titles and as a result it’s difficult to welcome this remaster when The Great Ace Attorney still hasn’t been localised for the West.
Lex FirthJan 26, 2018
It may have taken its time arriving on the 3DS, but Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is just as engaging as it was over ten years ago. Franchise veterans may be a little disappointed by the lack of positive changes in this new version, but those who didn't get to experience franchise's most exciting leap forward in its original incarnation are ensured a fantastic time here, and it's a great way to contemplate the classic series' genius before its brave leap onto the Nintendo Switch in the coming year.
Carlos LeivaNov 27, 2017
Además, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney tampoco es que esté entre nuestras entregas favoritas de la saga, lo que no quita que siga siendo un juego muy entretenido, divertido y con una capacidad para enganchar que no hay que subestimar, pero a la hora de la verdad, solo os recomendaríamos la compra de esta revisión (que, por cierto, únicamente nos llega en formato digital) si nunca jugasteis al original, no encontráis una copia a buen precio de su versión para Nintendo DS y no os importa demasiado jugar en la lengua de Shakespeare.
Mike ReyesNov 21, 2017
Finalmente y un aspecto que siento por el que el juego la pasará injustamente mal (al menos en México y Latinoamérica) es del de su localización. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney solamente puede ser jugado en inglés y o japonés. 
Ayden_Dec 19, 2017
Si vous avez la possibilité de vous procurer la version Nintendo DS, cette dernière suffira et vous pourrez profiter d’une véritable traduction française. Si vous êtes parfaitement à l’aise avec l’anglais et le japonais, cette mouture 3DS vous offrira, quant à elle, un meilleur confort visuel et quelques ajustements pour profiter d’un des meilleurs épisodes de la saga. Drôle et doté de personnages géniaux, Ace Attorney : Apollo Justice est un jeu formidable mais son absence de traduction vient porter un sérieux coup à son intérêt.
Nicolò BicegoDec 10, 2017
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney era un degno erede della trilogia di Phoenix Wright undici anni fa e lo rimane tutt'oggi, con un cast di personaggi eccezionale che dà vita ad una delle migliori esperienze narrative della serie. Il solido gameplay della serie rimane pressoché invariato, con qualche gradita aggiunta ad insaporire il tutto.
Alessandra BorgonovoNov 29, 2017
Con il porting di Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney sono ora disponibili tutti i titoli principali della saga su Nintendo 3DS. I miglioramenti dal punto di vista grafico e sonoro rendono questo titolo più bello che mai, capace di superare persino il lavoro svolto sulla trilogia originale. Resta il fatto che a livello di gameplay stiamo parlando dello stesso titolo di nove anni fa, perciò se lo avete già giocato (a patto che non siate collezionisti) vi potreste accontentare di sapere che gli sforzi sono valsi la pena.