AeternoBlade for Nintendo 3DS


Feb 18, 2014
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At Awelsia region, vengeful Freyja traveled with unknown weapon AeternoBlade to revenge Beladim, the Lord of Mist who had destroyed her village, Ridgerode, and killed all her tribes. Her vengence is helped by Vernia , who has same merit to Beladim, Vernia taught Freya about the ablility of AeternoBlade. Freya has to adventure to many world dimention find the secret of Beladim annihilation. What is AeternoBlade? And How Freya can revenge her merit to Beladim? There are ton of mysteries to solve in her adventure by YOU.

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Dave LetcavageFeb 21, 2014
AeternoBlade isn't a bad game, it's just bland and occasionally frustrating. The combat and RPG elements are undoubtedly a highlight, giving you something to look forward to on the other side of any uninteresting moments, but they aren't quite redeeming enough to make this an easy recommendation.
Chris CarterFeb 13, 2014
AeternoBlade may not move the genre forward in any way, but it's a fun little game for action enthusiasts. It has a deep combat system, just the right amount of RPG elements, and an engaging enough narrative to keep things moving. But it also could have been so much more, and for that reason, I wouldn't put it in the "must have" pantheon of Metroidvanias.
James BowdenMar 10, 2014
Aeterno Blade is Castlevania on a budget. Messy visuals, whiffy animation, endlessly recycled enemies, middling bosses. The combat starts a bit bad, too, but gets significantly better about thirty minutes in. All that said, Aeterno Blade is still worth mentioning in the same breath as Castlevania. Some cute time manipulation adds puzzle-y fun to the platforming, and while no element of the game is outstanding it’s all still worthwhile entertainment.

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